Crisis Management




Often,the society experience crises arising from disaster or disagreementsamong the policy makers. The management of a crisis requires theleaders to provide guidance on approaches to mitigate both thecurrent and likely consequences. Within the public sector, it isoften difficult to get an appropriate solution due to the differencesamong the political leaders. Over time, the US has encountereddisasters such as Ebola scare. In such moments, leaders are requiredto provide direction and guidance on how to manage effectively thesituation (Green, 2015). Public service managers are expected toinfluence government policies through exemplary performance anddynamic leadership. They need to possess qualities that will bringchanges whether ideological, technological, or even political.Effective leadership in public sector benefits all citizens. It givesroom for efficient delivery of services while at the same timeproviding measures to mitigate crises. Good public managers candirect, plan, coordinate, and control other people to achieve the setobjectives.

Accordingto Avolio and Gardner (2005), transactional leadership refers to aleader who put substantial emphasis on the managerial functions toenhance optimal performance. Whether in political or organizationalleadership, leaders who have adopted the style are required topromote the interests of the country or organization. It calls forobedience and teamwork in all the functional departments. PresidentObama has faced criticism, and at times praise, for his approach tocrises. He asserts that crisis should present an opportunity for thegovernment to provide lasting and appropriate intervention measures.Those criticizing the pace of the president’s response are largelyconcerned about the need to provide quick-fix solutions. Not allmeasures require urgency as advocated by some people. Some requireappropriate data and research that may take time. Managing a countryis not easy bearing in mind the diverse interests and opinions amongthe leaders and citizens. One needs to consider that governmentinstitutions are sometimes bureaucratic where some policies have tobe backed by appropriate laws.

Obamais largely a rational thinker who uses innovative approaches toinfluence decisions and public policies. He is known for wideconsultations with technocrats and advisors in his office beforegiving a detailed response. Ordinarily, public sector has componentssuch as public servants, citizens, leaders, and private sector thatare directly or indirectly affected by the communication from thepresident. It is upon the leader to craft and coordinate policies tohelp in the achievement of distinct objectives. Besides, a leader canspecify and formalize the various agencies to optimize theproductivity and efficient delivery of services through rationaldecision-making. It is known that rational decisions promote therealization of long-term goals (Lynn,&amp Hill, 2008).

Propermanagement in the public sector generates positive results that matchthe country’s needs (Lynn,&amp Hill, 2008).It is thus important to have the right leaders in place to help indriving a country’s public service. In public management, a leaderis required to exhibit conceptual skills that enhance elaboratedelivery of public services.In his activities, President Obama believes in the need to have aclear plan that is developed after detailed consultations. Managing acrisis is not easy, especially when the president is required tooffer direction to other agencies. It would thus be appropriate forthe leaders and citizens to give the president time to consultwidely. This would help in generating well-informed interventionmeasures during a crisis.


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