Cray’s offerings


Cray inc. is one of the best known companies that manufacturesupercomputers in the USA which are used across the world. However,the company has faced competition from other computer and systemsmaking companies such as HP, IBM and Apple. Cray’s platform ofsupercomputers and powerful systems can be compared to those of itsmain competitor IBM. The IBM uses Intel and IBM processors in theirsupercomputers while Cray has been using AMD. It is worth noting thatthe latter processor is faster than the AMD used by Cray. Cray hashowever entered a deal with Intel to start using Intel processors(Clark, 2011). The Cray offerings are also extremely expensive withsome supercomputers going for a million dollars compared to the IMBsupercomputers which are cheaper.

The company has produced one of the fastest computer systems calledthe Titan which beat IBM’s Blue Gene/Q. This is a clear indicationthat the supercomputer company is indeed the best in makingsupercomputers and some of the best and fast computer systems(Greenberg, 2009). IBM has been holding the top post for the lastfive years but the supercomputer company has now been stated as thecompany that is producing the fastest supercomputers (Clark, 2011).

HP has also developed supercomputers such as the H-P Apollo 8000 andH-P Apollo 6000 which will be using liquid cooling systems and willuse 28% less power than the supercomputers being produced by Cray(Ante, 2014). The Cray supercomputers use air for cooling and usemore power than the HP Apollo supercomputers (Ante, 2014). It isclear that other companies are coming up with platforms that arecompetitive to the Cray’s platforms and it is essential for Cray toup its technology and consider the price of its supercomputers.


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