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SixArticles Summary

VietnamObjects to Chinese President’s Statement about East Sea Islands,November 13th2015.

Thepolitical stability of East Asia has been marred with few wrangles inconnections to boundaries and sovereignty. The article is areiteration of the situation in East Asia between the people’srepublic of china and Vietnam. East sea, internationally recognizedas South China Sea have been a controversial territory with bothcountries claiming control over the the present, chinacontrols the activities of the sea despite objections by Vietnamthat some territories belong to them. Recently, the Chinese premierreiterated that South China Sea have and still remain a territory ofchina and everything will be done in their power to protect theregion. This is an issue that can effectively affect the regionalpeace and prosperity if the grievances are not handled amicably.Given the close proximity of the two countries, the issue has to besolved before things get out of control, hence, affecting thepolitical stability.

Womenin Central Vietnam Work Hard At Sea to Keep Families Afloat, Nov.15th2015

Fishingis one of the economic activity that support many households inVietnam. Some years ago, the activity of fishing had been left to bedominated by the male members of the society. However, that ischanging now and it is quite a growing tend to see ladies who workhard on-shore to cater for their families. This article looks at afew examples in the province of Thanh Hoa where dedicated women wakeup as early as 2 A.M in the morning to help in the income earningactivity. What is more astonishing is the fact that the tools usedfor fishing are simple and have little technical skills. The aidchipped in by the women increase productivity positively hence, thefamilies are able to cater for more needs. The mindset of the regionis changing and every person in the society can be the breadwinner.The archaic culture that restricted the activity of women tohousehold chores is fading and all members of the opposite sex areactively involved in economic growth.

VietnamBanks Topping World Are Still Tempting To Dragon Capital, Nov. 122015

Vietnamhas been performing poorly in the last five years or so with debtcrisis acting as a dominant factor. However, following some economicreforms, the Vietnam economic front has being performing better withleading banks experiencing capital gains in the recent past. Goodperformance of the leading money lenders in Vietnam has beenattributed to the strict measures by the country central bank in aneffort to streamline the banking sector. The article is amanifestation of the Vietnam people to adopting internationaleconomic policies that are more beneficial to the general public asopposed to the benefits of a few. It also promise economic prosperitydue to the positive growth projected in the years to come.

Vietnam`sAmbitious Education Reform Plans Come In For Praise, Nov. 11 2015

Educationsystems around the world determine the quality and number ofprofessional available in the job markets. This article revises theintentions by the Vietnam government through the ministry ofeducation to revolutionize the educations system. This will beachieved through drafting and implementing a curriculum that onlyprovides knowledge to one that develops sustainable capacity. Thesystem would also include a comprehensive reform in the educationsystem that includes improving the teacher’s salary, developingtheir welfare and equipping institutions with the necessaryfacilities. The government is committed to developing the quality ofits workforce in order to increase creativity, innovation, andself-employment. It will also reduce incidences of un-employment andeffectively increases economic growth.

VietnameseTattoo Artist Featured In Book by US Writer, Nov. 15th2015

Thisis a rare article that tries to explain how the Vietnam culture hasbeen acknowledged around the world. Such recognition at theinternational scene reminds people of the places to visit as tourist.The book feature that tattoo among the top 100 tattoos in the world.Further, the book describes the historical events that led to thedevelopment of such tattoos. It further describes the transformationin the styles of the tattoos to their current multicultural practice.The article reminds people of the contribution of the Vietnamese inart and culture. It further acts as a signal for the people ofVietnam to be proud of their heritage. Despite its geographicalproximity from the developed countries, Vietnam is recognized and mayreceive other economic benefits including tourist attraction due tosuch cultural embracing.

WhatAPEC Means To Poor People in Asia, Nov. 13th2015

Theacronym APC stands for Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation. It iscooperation between the nations of Asia and the pacific in theeconomic fronts. The article examine the economic implication of thisforum to the people of Asia, Vietnam included. The impact of theeconomic policies have been seen to realized benefits to a few richpeople and have not yield an tangible benefit to the majority poor.Despite positive statistics suggesting rampant economic growth, newjobs and reduced poverty, a significant proportion of the Asianpopulation still lag below $2 per day. This year, APEC would have torealize the effect of its economic plans and strive to includepolicies that support an inclusive growth.