Today,pollution is increasing by the day and contributing to globalwarming. On the other hand, people are also adding up to the problemof environmental pollution through waste disposals. In America,shoppers use approximately one hundred billion plastic bags becausethese bags are free and readily available in stores. An averagefamily can accumulate many plastic bags where 90 percent of them aresimply thrown away (Query, 2007). Although the use of plastic bagsposes a grave threat to the world, I believe the best solution is forthe consumers to pay for the bags at the grocery as well as otherstores.

Theplasticbags can only be used for a short time and are soon disposed of wherethey take more than 500 years to decompose (Query, 2007). Moreover,they may end up as litter that clogs drainage systems as well asthreatening the marine life. Therefore, some state governments areconsidering or have already passed laws that ban the use of plasticbags. However, I believe that introducing a system where thecustomers pay for the plastic bags is more suitable compared to aban. The payment approach will provide a platform to generate incomeas well as following the fair trade practices. Furthermore, it willsubstantially reduce the use of the plastic bags by shoppers since itwill encourage recycling to reduce expenses (Query, 2007).

Itis undisputable that plastic bags are important as they give usconvenience, hygiene, and other benefits. Hence, it would beunreasonable to ban the use of plastic bags altogether putting intoconsideration the fact that people will not have an alternativesolution (Query, 2007). On the other hand, paying for plastic bags isthe most efficient way of discouraging the careless use of the bagsas well as the irresponsible dumping. Besides, this approach can beaccompanied by other solutions to facilitate better disposingmechanisms. Nowadays, there are environmentally friendly chemicaladditives is distributed to packaging companies that can decomposeplastic bags completely within a few months, which would go hand inhand with the new payment approach (Query, 2007). Thus, it is morerational to ask shoppers to pay for the bags rather than banning thebags without providing an alternative.


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