Comparing articles


Thetwo articles present a comprehensive investigation of the differentchronic diseases that have led to the death of young people inCanada. The chronic illnesses that result from children inactivityand obesity, and tobacco smoking, are discussed in the two articles.

Inthe first article, BestPractices in Tobacco Control,the main idea is that tobacco abuse is prevalent among the youngpeople, and it is among the leading cause of death among the youthdue to many chronic conditions that come with it. However, tobaccosmoking is preventable, with dynamic creation of awareness and publiceducation about the severe effects of smoking, regulation ofmanufacture of tobacco products, and implementing a series of tobaccocontrol strategies.

Inthe second article, ActionSchools! BC:A Socioecological Approach to Modifying Chronic Disease Risk Factorsin Elementary School Children,researchers are trying to come up with ways of combating obesity andrelated illnesses among the young people in which tobacco smoking isone of the causes. It is clear that tobacco smoking is one of theleading causes of obesity in children over the age of fifteen yearssince it forms part of the sedentary lifestyle. Tobacco smoking alsocontributes to inactivity among the youth.

Inboth articles, researchers have admitted that human behavior is amajor consequence amid multiple levels of influence. The researcherssay that socio-ecological interventions and strategies are one of themany approaches to health problems at one or more settings and levelsand either directly or indirectly through networking relationships.In both articles, the steps taken by the Canadian political andsocial groups to combat tobacco smoking and obesity are deemed tocreate a bigger influence on other countries that are equallyaffected. Furthermore, both articles see the use of tobacco as acontributor to youth diseases.