Common Assessment Social Security

CommonAssessment Social Security

Importanceof social security

Socialsecurity is an efficient program that plays an immense role to allcitizens. Its administrative costs are low, approximately less than apenny on the dollar. Smith &amp Couch (2014) show that 1 out of 6Americans depend on social security, approximately 2 out of every 3seniors heavily rely on this program to sustain most of their income,it lift about 22 million Americans out of poverty, and 1 out of 3seniors rely on it for at virtually all (90 percent or more) of theirincome among others.

Itis the only program that protect working citizens and their familiesagainst any lost wages especially when such a working person attainretirement age, suffer from severe disability, or when their spousedies. In fact, poverty rate among seniors is only 10% instead of 45%thanks to this program (Smith et al., 2014)

Whatsocial security does for the people?

Anyperson enrolled in this program is entitled to several benefits. Forinstance, if one retires the program offer a monthly benefit thatreplaces or compensate for quite a good portion of pre-retirementearnings. This is equivalent to approximately 28 percent for a veryhigh-income individual with an average salary of about 107,000dollars 34 percent for a high-income individual getting a salary ofabout 69,000 dollars 41 percent for a medium-income individualgetting a salary of approximately 43,000 dollars as well as 55percent for a low-income individual getting a salary of about 19,000dollars (Diamond, Lindeman, and Young, 2015).

Further,social security offer impeccable benefits to older persons whosespouse has died, to children who have lost their parents, and to manyyounger spouses who take care of dependent children.

Also,this program offer monthly benefits to its members who suffer severedisability and can no longer work

Recommendationfor Social Security so that it can pay recipients the full scheduledbenefits

Socialsecurity can raise the retirement age to about sixty eight hence,increasing the set age that a person can get the full benefit of thisprogram. This would play a key role towards filling sixteen percentof the funding gap (Pattison, 2015)

Advantageof the recommendation

Financesof Social security program would improve to a significant level. Thisis because life span of citizens has increased hence, benefitingfrom the program for a longer period.

Disadvantageof the recommendation

Increasingretirement age would result to benefit cuts and in fact individualswho earn low salary rarely benefit from this program. This is becausesuch individuals have reduced life span due to poor or unbalancedeating habits, poor working conditions, and indulgence in extremelyheavy duties among others. On the other hand, individuals with highsalaries have increased life spans since they always eat balanceddiets and handle light duties among others.


Indeed,social security offer many benefits to all citizens especially, tothe retired, disabled, and older individuals. With this program, doesnot need to worry of his or her family in case he or she dies orbecome severely disabled. Sometimes, recipients do not get fullscheduled benefit recommending an increment of full retirement agecould serve as a solution to this problem. However, thisrecommendation comes along with some demerits like benefit cuts thatderail the overall growth of the economy.


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