Cold War Cold War



Anideological conflict like the Cold War cannot be won easily since itis complicated. There are several reasons why it is not possible towin such kind of a war. First, the differences in the ideologies ofdifferent countries make it challenging to win a cold war. Whilecapitalists like the United States believes in freedom and valuesprivate property, communists tend to put the interests of the publicbefore personal interests. For communists, the will of the majorityrules and is imposed on the minority. On the other hand, capitalisminvolves the minority imposing their will on the majority. Capitalismtends to oppress the voiceless in society and only benefits a few atthe expense of many. These differences between the two ideologiesmake it impossible to win this war. Countries that subscribe todifferent ideologies cannot come to a consensus and agree on a singlebelief.1

Thehistorical events that led to the Cold War also make it impossible towin the war. The main rivals in the cold war included the UnitedStates and the Soviet Union. With the attempts of the United Statesto bring an end to the Russian Revolution, it becomes challenging forthe communists to agree with capitalists. The wars of propagandabetween the communists and capitalists also pose a challenge to theend of the Cold War. Supremacy battles that form the basis of theCold War make it impossible for the war to be won. Communistcountries such as China and Russia strive to express dominance andhave countries they are controlling. On the same note, the UnitedStates works towards spreading their capitalist ideologies to as manycountries of the world.1


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