Code of Ethic

Codeof Ethic

Codeof Ethic

Beinga person of integrity, means to be honorable before the eyes of humanbeings while honesty means being truthful in your line of duty andlife experiences. I treasure honesty and integrity as they areimportant principles in my life. Being honest as a nurse means a lotto the patient, that one day I will serve. My line of work involvesdealing with people directly both emotionally and physically. As anurse I have to be truthful and of moral character at allcircumstances while at the same time giving hope to the people.

Oneday we had a chance to get into the school drug store, some ofclassmates suggested that we take some drugs. At first I was afraidto question their actions. But I thought whether what we were doingwas right and cautioned them, eventually they left thee drugs butthey called me names. Integrity and honesty have a price I wasridiculed by my friends by doing the right thing. To me integrity andhonest are two things I treasure yet my friends at that moment saw meas uncool and I forgive them too for their immaturity. To some peopleintegrity and honest might be their enemy while to others theirtreasured life principles.

Asa nurse, doing my best means sacrificing all I have to serve other inthe best possible way. When a nurse works in the night while peopleare a sleep to make sure a patient gets well, hope and a give familymembers of a patient a reason to smile that is doing their best. Whena nurse sacrifices his/her personal life to ensure that a patientdoes not die or suffer and the patient receive the best medicalattention, that is a nurse doing his/her best. I only need,collaborative job mates, to believe in myself and my God and use theeducation I have learned well to be the best I can.


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