Coaching, Consulting and Counseling.


Coaching,Consulting and Counseling.

Whenone is seeking help with an individual issue, there is always thatmoment when one is confused about what services to seek. Most of thetime people are confused whether to seek for coaching or to consultan expert about the problem he or she is having, and one can also askfor counseling on how to handle the problem.

Therecent developed of the helping service is coaching. It is a newservice that does not have a lot of requirement for one to be acoach. According to the other specialties one has to be aprofessional, you should have studies on the particular region andlicense to allow you to offer the guidance. Coaching doesn’trequire those absolute requirements, as long as you have theknowledge and ability to do so, and then you are a coach (Sabock2011)

.Consultingis the service that one seeks to answer a particular problem usingthe expert knowledge and in a professional manner. Being aconsultant, one has to have specialized knowledge and also be anexpert on the process or the problem that is of interest to you(Weiss 2013). Mostly consultation will be a short term engagement ona particular issue. A consultant tends to work with organizations,certain groups or with individuals and these is done under agreedcharges. Occasionally training or teaching will be part of theengagement (Weiss 2013).

Counselingis a procedure that focuses on the liberation of distress. Acounselor should be someone with whom one can relate well with, builttrust and also be open to him (Brown &amp Lent 2013) . The counselorhelps one cope, build skills and adapt to their situation so as toreduce stress. Some need a counselor to help you look at a patternin your life to help you come to a greater understanding of yourself(Brown &amp Lent 2013).











Reality of life demands

Cope with life problems

Avoid &amp minimize


Life Skills



Complex problems

Solve problems

Logical argument


Training &amp Experience

Classic Coaching


Simple problems

Your success

Dissociate &amp ignore


Coach training


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