Christian worldview


Jesus Christ is involved in the theme of creation in Colossianschapter 1 and verse 15 and 16 of the book of Colossians. According tothese verses, it is clear that all things were created through JesusChrist. Everything that was created whether visible or invisible wascreated by Jesus Christ for himself. It is also essential to notethat Jesus Christ, being the image of God, the father, was the firstto be created. The theme of creation is clearly demonstrated in theseverses and how Jesus Christ played a role in the theme (Gorday &ampOden, 2013). The theme of fall has also been represented by JesusChrist through his death on the cross for the sake of the people whowere sinners. This can be found in Colossians chapter 1 and verse 22where God, through Paul states that the physical death of JesusChrist meant that the sinners will be forgiven and presented as holybefore God. Jesus played a significant role in the theme of fallsince he suffered and died for the sake of the people who weresinners.

With regard to the theme of redemption, Jesus Christ resurrected sothat the sinners would be forgiven of their sins. In Colossianschapter 2 verse 12 to 15, Paul stated clearly that the people diedwith Jesus Christ in their sins and they resurrected when they wereclean. Redemption came as a result of the death of Jesus Christ andit is therefore extremely clear that He played a significant role inthe theme of redemption. Cording to the book of Colossians, the sinswere nailed on the cross during the death of Jesus Christ (Gorday &ampOden, 2013). Lastly, the theme of restoration is demonstrated throughthe holiness that the death of Jesus Christ brings back to thepeople. People sinned and they became short of the glory of the Lordand through the death of Jesus Christ, this glory and cleanlinesswere restored to them. In Colossians 1 verse 22, Jesus Christ plays amajor role here in ensuring that the people are restored to theirformer clean and holy state before God the Father (Gorday &amp Oden,2013).


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