Case Study 2

CaseStudy 2

CaseStudy 2

Documentationrefers to written or electronic data entries representing thepatients care recommended and communicated to a patient. It aids inproviding a correct reflection of nurse assessments, care providedand provision of patient information necessary to provide great care.It is important as it also provides evidence that the patient wasbeing taken care of, it both a legal and professional requirement forthose practicing nursing. The recovery nurse Elizabeth and Judyshould have documented the progress of the patient. The progressreport should have then handed over to Kelly and Joseph, who tooshould have documented the progress of the patient in their watch.

Itrequired that a nurse does report to the board of nurse or collegenurse that authorize the nurse to practice, any belief they have thatanother nurse or registered practitioner has acted in a “notifiable”conduct. The nurse in charge should make a mandatory reportconcerning the rumors that Joseph is alcoholic that should beinvestigated by the board. Secondly the nurse in charge should alsowrite another report detailing how the registered nurses failed tokeep the documentation of the patient progress. For instance I Mrs.Scale brings to the board the following attention about Joseph AlsolfLPN, Kelly Wheeler RN, Elizabeth Adelman RN, Judy Gouda RN, and NP,which they failed to practice documentation as required by nursingpracticing guideline and law. That led to the death of a patient.There are under suit on negligence. Joseph Alsolf LPN has beenrumored to be an alcoholic.

Ina tort case, the doctrine of “respondent” superior mean let themaster be responsible also known as the master-servant rule. Theemployer of the negligent employee is the one to answer for theemployee’s actions. This doctrine allows a third party to answersto the some actions of the employee even when the third party was notpresent or in any way caused the incidence. For this doctrine toapply the plaintiff must proof that there was an employer-employeerelationship. Secondly, the incident happened when the employee wascarrying duties of the employer. And finally the employer would havebenefited from the service rendered. Mr. Carpenter should sue thehospital on behave of Richard Washington on the issue of the consent.Too he should sue the hospital on behave of David Casler, therespiratory therapist. The hospital should be sued on behave ofElizabeth Alderman Joseph and Kelly too on negligence and lack ofproper chartering and recording of patient progress.

Anincident report is a formal report that should be filled by staffmembers, nurses and practitioners basically to inform the hospitaladministrators of an incident that enables the management to put inplace preventive measures to avoid the occurrence of similarincidents. Also, it is used, to alert the management and the facilityinsurance corporation of probable claims or the need for additionalinvestigation. The report should be written by the first person whosaw the incident. Though, in this case, it is not clear who didbetween Kelly and Joseph. The report should have a factualobservation of the incident, date and time. It should also includethe people involved and witnesses including the actions andcorrective response that was taken. In this case, there areconflicting testimonies between Kelly and Joseph. It is not clear whowitnessed the incident fast. For instance, if Kelly had admittedhaving found the patient first She should have detailed how Mrs.Carpenter was found after vomiting and how she reacted to call codeblue and how she responded with the Team and did cardiacresuscitation until she was stable and was taken to intensive careunit where she died of lack of oxygen in her brain cells.


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