Career Theory and Practice Discussion


1. Gottfredson’s Theory on Sally

The Gottferdson theory suggests that theprocess of finding the suitable career lies in our understanding ofdeveloping our self-concept. The next step is to eliminateoccupational alternatives (Circumscription) and then compromise onthe remaining options. From this understanding, Sally’s is anatural artist. However, she has taken interest in businessmanagement. Her two options are art and business. She decides toconcentrate on business, but she finds the job not fulfilling.Gottferdson would advise her to take up a career in artwork becausethat is where her strength and passion lie.

2. CASVE solution to my career problem.

Communication:This will form the first stepinvolves brainstorming all my choices. I also have to remind myselfthat I need to make a hard decision at the end. Being a preliminarybusiness student, I have not decided on an articulate career pathyet.

Analysis:This step aims at self-understanding. I am motivated by challenges.Monotonous and repetitive tasks get me bored rather quickly. I amsocial and I like meeting new people. I have skills in management andI envision myself working in a successful business- mine orotherwise.

Synthesis:in line with this step, I have broadened my career prospects byspeaking to my mentor and doing online research. I have realized thatmany companies offer graduate trainee programs. I also found out thatI could work for non- profits and the government. Alternatively, Ican get scholarships to do MBA or PhD for a career in academia. Icould also develop my own business

Valuing: Inline with this stage, I contemplate starting a business is ratherexpensive because I have no capital. Advancing my career could alsobe hard since scholarships are limited to non- internationalstudents. Landing a graduate trainee program is hard, but attainable.Working for the government and non- profits do not offer anopportunity for career advancement.

Execution:The stage indicates that the best alternative for me is to apply forgraduate trainee programs. If it fails, I will try my hand ininternational scholarships or government institutions. Later I canopen my own business.

3. Roadtrip Nation Individuals

I am interested in the story of Sally theStay-at- home mom. We have the same interests since we have aneducational background in business. Just like me, she follows herpassion instead of money. She is considering using her artisticskills to open a business. As I found out in the Skills builder andconfidence assessment, I prefer using my skills to solve my problems.Just like her, I am considering using my business skills to developmy business.