Career Assignment Paper

CareerAssignment Paper

CareerAssignment Paper

Thispaper expounds on different components aspects of my career. I am aregistered nurse, and I graduated last year May. Having obtained mylicense, I have worked for one year and garnered one year of nursingworking experience. This paper will seek to identify and discuss mycurrent role. Further, the reasons why I am getting back to schoolwill be highlighted. The projection for a three-year careerdevelopment plan shall be brought out. Lastly, the paper shallexpound on the manner in which the BSN will help support my plan.


Havingbeen trained as an adult nurse, I have my responsibilities cut out inthe area of adult patients. I care for the adult patients who sufferfrom different types of health conditions including from minorinjuries to acute and long-term illnesses and diseases(McArthur-Rouse, 2008).

Inmy area, I support recovery through the use of care plans, carryingout care procedures and being assessed. Evaluation and focus on needsof patients and not the illness or condition is paramount for myrole. I also work to promote good health and the welfare of therelevant topics that touch on issues like diabetes, loosing of weightand effects of smoking.

Giventhat I am working with the aged, I have a responsibility to keep intouch with the families of the patients especially when the patientsare suffering from chronic illnesses. This is because for chronicillness the patients regularly return for treatment. Currently, I amattached in a hospital and at the community level. I also spend sometime in special units where the aged may be to give pieces of adviceand check on their health.

Personal/ProfessionalReasons for Returning to School

Returningto school for me has several dimensions and these include bothpersonal and professional reasons. I will consider going back toschool as I know that through it I get both career and professionaladvancement. Getting back to school ensures that I gain new knowledgeand ready to face new challenges that might arise in my career path.Given that I am currently working as an adult nurse getting back toschool will help boost my social welfare skills and hence make meremain positive model in the society.

Havingbeen registered and gained a year of experience, getting back toschool ensures that I fulfill the desire for achieving personal andjob satisfaction and ultimately get the professional achievement as amotivator. Having a higher education in nursing will for sure make meextremely satisfied with my job in comparison to the spot or pointthat I was or even in comparison to the other nurses who are likelyto be dissatisfied with their jobs (Megginson, 2008).

ThreeYear Development Plan

Inmy career development plan, I seek to work the first year to sharpenmy skills in the area of my study. During this first year, I expectto work with individuals from different backgrounds and adultpatients suffering from different illnesses. This to me will help meget additional experience for the second year. During this period, Iwill also seek to work in challenging environments, and this willmainly be working outside the hospital. Working in out-patientcenters to me will be a real deal in my career.

Inmy second year of career development plan, I intend to beginfurthering my studies. I have always believed that education bringswith it opportunities. With advanced education, I will have moreemployment opportunities compared to the level that I am incurrently. Through this, I expect to have advance practice in my areaof specialization. Normally, for advance practice, an individual musthave a minimum of a master’s degree in nursing. This will also comewith other opportunities in leadership positions or nursing education(Megginson, 2008).

Inmy third year of career, I shall seek to get more exposure on thecareer as I attend different conferences and major meetings thatsharpen my skills. Through the meetings and the conferences, I willget to meet individuals from different backgrounds, geographically,demographically and educationally (McArthur-Rouse, 2008). This willhelp improve my skills and facilitate on my diversity. Ideally, inthree years, I see an individual who is all-round and ready to takeon the challenges in the nursing fraternity.

HowAttaining BSN Supports Plan

Attainingof BSN is integral for the support of my career and developmentplans. Through the BSN, I will have a career and professionaldevelopment given that my skills are sharpened and horned even better(Megginson, 2008). BSN will ensure that ultimately, I can achievepersonal and job satisfaction and professional growth. In my bid tohave an all-round career growth, having a BSN will facilitate thecareer growth in the nursing field.


Beingan adult nurse in the current age and time is not a walk in the pathit requires the right knowledge in place. To this end, I will seek tohave advancement in my career. For me to develop I have to go back toschool and to get back to school is dictated by professional andpersonal reasons. With the three-year development plan in place, Ishall seek to have an excellent growth in the field and will be readyto take on the challenges. This notwithstanding, the plan will bepivoting on my attaining of BSN. I look forward to an enticing lifechanging career and overwhelmingly supporting the welfare of the agedin the society.


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