Business ethics and CRS


Question one

Apple follows the philosophy of innovation and creativity. Employeesare required to be honest, respectful, confidential and compliant.Apple Inc. maintains a closed system where it guards its secrets fromcompetitors. In other words, the company guards its intellectualproperty jealously. The philosophy of the company and theorganizational culture has impacted the way the company handles thevarious ethical issues. Apple Inc. believes that it is always on theright. Due to the various innovations and creativity that the Appleemployees possess, it is worth stating that the company believes inits own innovations. The organizational culture of the companyrequires the all its operational centers across the world to follow acode of business conduct strictly. This business conduct is availedto the employees who also given a Helpline through which he or shecan report any form of misconduct in the operational centers. Theorganizational culture of the organization has forced it to abide bythe recommendations made by various authorities regarding any issuerelating to ethics. An example is the issue at Foxconn where employeework conditions and hourly work has been reviewed to abide by theFair labor association recommendations. The decision by the companyto recall used electronics for proper disposal is also anorganizational cultural decision that affects ethical decision.

Question two

Apple Inc. is an extremely competitive company and it is admired bynumerous people across the world. One of the reasons why the companyis extremely competitive is the quality of the products that itproduces and their advanced technology. Apple’s products areinnovational and modern and this gives them a competitive advantagein the market. The evangelist nature of marketing Apple’s productsalso made the company competitive in the market. The products of thecompany are marketed by people who are not only marketers, but alsoloyal users of the Apple’s products. Considering the extremecompetition in the computer sector, the company decided to venture inconsumer electronics such as I phones, IPods and Apple TV. Thisenhanced the competitive advantage of the company in the market.Additionally, the company has also ventured into the manufacture andsale of tablet computers. This is after the sales from laptops,desktops and Netbooks reduced significantly. It is worth noting thatthe sale of tablet computers is extremely high and it is projected torise even higher.

Question three

Apple Inc. has faced numerous ethical issues in the past. Thecompany has guarded its innovations and creativity with zeal. It isclear that the company has followed the appropriate legal proceduresto deal with the various ethical issues that it has faced. An exampleis the ethical issue regarding intellectual property between AppleInc. and Samsung where the company used the relevant legal proceduresto win the case. It is worth noting that the company produces newproducts every year and there need to guard the intellectual propertywith zeal. There are, however, some ethical issues that the companyhas handled in the wrong manner. One such ethical issue is the riotsin China where the company was having its first sale of IPhone 4S.The company decided to close all the stores in China following riotsafter customers waited for over 48 hours for the store to open. Thecompany decided to ask the clients to buy the IPhone 4S online. Thiswas a wrong decision by the company as it would have been moreprudent to re-open the store on time at a later date.