Bus 504 Assignment

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Bus504 Assignment


AnEntrepreneur is a name of an employee who develops new ideas andmakes them practical from the assistance or support from theresources that the employer will offer. Companies like Coca-Cola canbenefit a lot from the entrepreneurs so as to satisfy the need ofvarious consumers and the social corporate responsibility that willenable its product accepted in the society, as most of the people saythat the sugar content increase obesity among consumers (Pinchot,1996).


Theintrapreneur idea is to develop non- or low-calorie beverage optionsthat should go alongside renewed awareness campaigns throughmarketing. To develop this idea, there is the need for teamwork toenable the flow of activities in implementing the new idea. Thefollowing personnel will help in the development of the new idea andmake it practical financers or donors, logistic, engineers ortechnical staff, human resource personnel, community, marketers,customers and other company’s employees. The financer is thecompany budgeting for innovation and research. The money is used inresearch on how the idea can be put into practice and change theperspective of most consumers. Changes in the quality of the productare very important to the changing business environment withincreasing competition from other manufacturers such as Pepsi who areCoca-Cola competitors (Banutu-Gomez, 2012).

Logicianswill help in the analysis of the data collected during research andalso data collected during the market survey on the Coca-Colaproduct. The technical staff or engineers are involved in thedevelopment of the new product and check if it suits for purpose andalso in redesigning the original product to meet the researcher’sdemands. The human resource managers will help in the recruitment ofstaff that will be needed. The community will also be needed to givethe view and also in accepting the project since a project can failif the community refutes it. Markets will carry market survey and tomarket the new product. Customers will determine if the product meetstheir needs. Finally, the other employees of the company will providenecessary support in the development of the new idea (Pinchot, 1996).


Withthe help of the human resource personnel, we will carry outemployees appraisal analysis so as to select internal employees whoare innovative and creative, dedicated to work, experts,self-starters and willing to work under minimal supervision. On theexternal employees, outsourcing will help in selecting experts andmost experienced staffs that are not in our company who will comewith new ideas (Pinchot, 1996). These employees will help in puttingthe new ideas into practice. I.e. production of new Coca-Cola productwill less side effects on obesity and also to meet the socialcorporate responsibility (Banutu-Gomez, 2012).


Thekey position to lead my team will be the senior program manager


SeniorProgram Manager




United States














Coca- Cola



Asa senior officer in Coca-Cola Company, the main role will besupporting the innovation and engineering programs, lead and manageall aspect of the project that is part of the larger program. Theresponsibility of project management involves introducing requiredprocesses, operation models technology and designs for efficientimplementation of the new ideas or programs. He/she is required toselect the best system for planning and execution (Advisor, 2013).

Aqualified candidate should demonstrate the ability to integrate anddrive many strategies and action plans to create improvement inplanning, production, service delivery and Return On The InvestedCapital (ROIC). He/she should have a record of delivering projectsand schedules on budget with requirement featured agreed on by thecustomers or company. The above are key requirements for the position(Advisor, 2013).


• Provisionof project management tools using relevant project management toolsunder the specified budget.

• Leadin the execution and development of the strategies to design and todeliver the project within the budget, specified time, quality andfeatures designing and implementation of data collection techniquesto close information gaps.

• Managediverse functional project teams involving project engineers,manufacturing, and the team members who comprise of external partnerssuch as supply chain, marketing, finance, research and innovation,bottlers needed, service and the legal team.

• Actas a medium of communication with the sponsors and the stakeholdersand also to identify and collaborate with other PMO project/ programmanagers for maximum utilization of resources.

• Helpin the implementation of the project with intensive consultation fromCoca-Cola global center group in the development of products thatsatisfy the needs of most consumers in the different marketenvironment.

• Manageand overseer The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) relationships withimportant business partners as required.

EDUCATION:Bachelor’s Degree (with emphasis on Engineering, Computer Science,Business, or Process Engineering). Master’s degree in Engineeringor MBA preferred.

RELATEDWORK EXPERIENCE At least 10 years work experience in projectmanagement with experience on project designing software’s,knowledge on food and industry regulations is necessary or hasexperience in the related field or was in the similar position in acold drink manufacturing company (Advisor, 2013).

Corecompetencies Knowledge on Project Management: execution, resourceplanning, comprehensiveness, technical communication and ability tomanage change (Banutu-Gomez, 2012).&nbsp


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