Burnouts and self care among health workers

Burnouts and self care among health workers 4

Burnoutsand self care among health workers

Likeother professional, health workers undergo significant psychologicalstressors. Hence, they easily develop burnout syndrome (Stoyanov,2014).&nbspIn United States of America, research shown that majority of healthcare providers are alcoholics. Psychologists have proven thatalcoholism is a way of running from stressors. This was also commonin other professional work. This paper demonstrates that nodifference between health care workers compared, to the generalpopulation in context of stress management.

Hospitalwork load is increasingly becoming dynamic, demanding and stressful.Workers are exposed to work place stressors (Dernocoeur,1990).&nbspConsequently this affects work performance. Burnouts are associatedwith multiplication of health condition like hypertension diabetic,stroke and sizophrenia. Research shows, healthcare workers sufferthese diseases in a large number. Many hospitals in United Statesreceive high numbers of patients turn up. Again, a lot is expectedfrom them. In trying to meet the proposed target, fatigue sets inresulting to burn outs. A considerable number of patients occupyingpsychiatric beds are health workers this proves existence of burnout in this profession (Stoyanov,2014).

Likeevery human being, health care workers deserve treatment to illnessand care. Good nutrition, rests are important among other factors.Poor health reflects to poor immunity .Health care setups requireenergetic personnel. Poor heaths reflect to poor service delivery.Human souls like the body require spiritual intervention (Dernocoeur,1990).&nbspHuman soul deserve encouragement, faith building. An exhausted soulrequires support, peace understanding and attention. Health worker intough working condition merit spiritual growth to reduce burnouts.Frustrations results from demorolised hearts and souls.fredom ofworship associated with time with God are fundamental to this groupof workers (Perrot&amp Roodenbeke, 2012).&nbsp

Conculisevely,the balance between work and rest is important to each human being.In cases where no rest, poor emotional, spiritual and self well beingis not observed, burnout syndrome results. If no appropriate remedyis offered, devastating results are observed in all professionalbackgrounds.


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