Brad Winslow



Democracy:is a system of government where the citizens of a particular stateare involved in governance in the following ways making decisionsabout political and national affairs, voting in representatives indifferent leadership positions and protection of human rights ofcitizens. In general democracy can be defined as government by thepeople in which the supreme power is vested in the people andimplemented directly by the people or their elected leaders under theelections of leaders. Whereas a presidentiasl candidate is a personwho has been nominated by party members to run for the presidentialpost. A presidential candidate must pass all the requirements putacross by the electoral body of a nation. He /she must have attaineda certain age and must be a legal citizen of that country. In ademocratic country or state, leaders are elected by voters. Thisgives citizens freedom to participate indirectly in leadership byelecting their leaders whom can serve them.


Immigrationis the movement of the people from their motherland to a countrywhere they do not possess its citizenship. According to in the immigration policy will try to bring out the followingadvantages: welcoming foreign investors to the country. Investorscome in with new business ideas thus will make the economy raisethrough taxation and employment ration. Secondly, by promotingimmigration cheap and affordable labor will be available to manypeople, in hiring immigrants will reduce the labor cost and thus makethe country to save money that can be invested in other country`sprojects. However has a draft proposal that intends toallow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within aperiod of eight years. Illegal immigrants could apply for a newly created Lawful Prospective Immigrant visa,then applyfor the same provisional legal status for their spouse or children living outside the country. Another advantage is that itwill lead to workforce diversity, by so doing will help the country’sbusiness on the right of anti-discrimination laws. Also, perspectiveand knowledge supplied by people from another country can beobtained. will also ensure reduced procedure inlegalizing the immigrants by easily providing documentation. Thiswill give them the freedom of working in minimal harassment fromsecurity officers.

Trainingimmigrants to use common languages that will enhance properunderstanding of one another. This provides efficiency in businessoperation and interactions. Immigrants will bring in new skills andinnovations. Highly educated trained immigrants come up withinnovations that raise the economy of a country. Immigrants alsoaccept the mobility of labor. They are flexible and can move from oneplace to another in search of labor. They are unlike the citizens whofear mobility but prefer leaving and working in one geographical area(Rebert,1996).


TheForeign relationisthe management of relationships that deals in between two or morecountries. Also, results of foreignpolicydealings and decisions in the country can be considered foreignrelations as well.No nation or in a sense of common identity, by itself does notguarantee the viability of growth it has to stand together and unitedwith other nations to form common bodies so as to perpetuate growthof her economy. Division of states on ethnic lines, religious andclans cannot help in prosperity.

Onelecting , he will ensure a healthy relationship withother country`s meaning that they can be able to associate inbusinesses, interactions, intermarriages and also visiting from onearea of the country to another or from another country to thiscountry without any restriction this is the biggest advantage ofvoting him (Pillar,2003).

TheUnited States Senate has a committee on foreign relation and affairswhich is charged with leading foreign policy legislation and debatein the Senate. The Foreign Relations Committee is responsible foroverseeing (but not administering) and funding programs and alsofinancing arms sales and coaching for national allies. Also committeeis responsible for holding a confirmation hearing for high-levelpositions in the state. Here comes that when people vote for BradWinslow, on the side of foreign relation he will try to bring outimprovements to the both migrants and emigrants as well. He will beable to bring out the following advantageous improvement first byrealizing in the ways of relieving the financial crisis since it is agreat depression in the country and also the people.

ByKeeping the current number of U.S. commitments overseas may seem tobe unsustainable, but he will be able to come up with the ideas ofincreasing them to a great and a better level, Also in Democraticrank-and-file supporters aren`t interested in doing that, and neitherare most Americans regardless of party. He will make sure that theU.S. is already over-committed around the globe, and there will notbe the political will over the long term to add even more.

Goodrelation with the other countries and people to people will make thecountry to develop drastically due to the good and healthyinteractions in between.

Waron Terrorism

Terrorismcan be defined as the act of killing innocent people with an aim ofintimidating particular people or government in order not to do aparticular thing or act. Regarding `s manifesto,terrorism is a major problem that affects a particular country orstate to a great degree. This problem as explained by should be curbed and prevented in possible ways. Winslow puts variousmeasures in fighting this global disease of terrorism. Terrorism canbe brought about by differences in the opinion where a group ofpeople diverges their opinion on a particular issue. Also differencesin political affiliations where a particular group of people cansupport a certain politician making the opponent feel degradedleading him/her to organize terror attacks.In many cases, terrorismcan be carried out to intimidate a country to surrender the mining ofraw materials for gold, diamond, crude oil, etc., to the terrorists(Selden&amp So, 2004).

Accordingto , he intends to use the following measures againstterrorism. First by providing quality training to the military. Thiswill give the military soldiers techniques of fighting against theterrorists. Secondly training the citizens on measures to take incase a terror has occurred. This can be made possible by educatingthe citizens on terror management techniques is lying down in thecase of unexpected gunshots without or with minimal panic.

Thirdby providing the latest and necessary weapons to fight againstterror. This machines can be bought from highly skilled manufacturersand ensure proper training is given to users. By so doing theterrorist will install fear and they can avoid attacking thecountry.Trying to create peace and harmony where a conflict emergesbetween two parties. This can be done by holding bilateral talks onpeace by forming peace advocating agencies. Terrorism is a globalproblem affecting many states including the U.S.A (McClure,2004).


Theeconomy consists of various things, production distribution or tradeand consumption of limited goods and services.

BradWinslow intends to stabilize the economy of the state in manydifferent dimension. By reducing the rate of unemployment. The highrate of unemployment will lower the economy. But according to BradWinslow the rate of unemployment can be reduced by 10% per annum.This will increase revenue collection. Secondly, fair distribution ofgovernment funds. This will encourage the uniform growth of differentsectors into the economy. Reducing the amount of production of goodsand services. This can be made possible by lowering the taxes of rawmaterials to provide cheap goods. This will increase the GDP. End waron drugs drugs bring in a lot of revenue and legalizing drugs doesnot increase its users it adds revenue to a state. Removing unclearlaws unfair laws waste government resources and affect thecompetitiveness of us companies and industries (Rickard,Okrent &amp Alston, 2012).


Onthe side of health care will be able to improve so thatthe immigrants can be able to access health services in wherever theyare in the country, this means that he will enforce his government tobuild more hospitals and made accessible to everyone in the countryto as to ensure provision of health services to everybody is good.

Iwill also enforce his government to make the health services to befree or reduced cost, thus meaning everyone can afford to pay thehealth services fee. Immigrants are made aware of the free healthservices by Social Media e.g. radios, television and many others inthe country

Globalhealth plays an increasingly critical role in global peace andsecurity. With increased international travel and trade, the world ismore globalized than ever. We live in the world where infectiousailments — even those defiant to common antibiotics — can scatteracross the globe in less than three days. It is now necessary tothink about well-being in a global setting. Through proactive andstrategic measures, and with the help of benefactors who understandthe resources needed for such efforts, has been responding to thechallenges of illnesses, such as cholera and other harmful diseases.

Mygovernment will invest more money in the health services to make surethat everyone accesses the health care easily, also come up with thenew ideas of disposal of wastes in order to reduce diseasescontacting the people and immigrants, every immigrant to the countryshould feel free to anything in the country once the proposedpresident is elected in (Brown,2012).


Inconclusion, we have seen the many advantages of as thenext president to be elected in the United States as he is going toimprove the lives of many people including the immigrates of thecountry and their relations with other countries as well. He is somuch determined to fight terrorism, to improve health services andbuild the state’s economy for a more stabilized country. Therefore,he is the one deserved to be elected.


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