Book Review



TheEmotionally Healthy Church by Pete Scazzero

Thisessay will review the book by Peter Scazzero “TheEmotionally Healthy Church”.Peter Scazzero wrote book with a purpose to change and transform thelife of the modern Christian. Peter Scazzero is a pastor who claimsto understand the life of a Christian. He argues that all churchesand all Christian should be emotionally healthy in everything theydo. He argues that people should be connected with God emotionallywhich makes them emotionally healthy. His argument is based onpersonal experience which guided him in writing the book.

Thebook is written under various principles or concepts. The conceptswere got from Scazerro’s past experience in his life. The conceptswill be analyzed in this essay as follows:

  1. Break the Power of the Past

Thisprinciple enables the readers to consider their past and pastexperience in a more critical way. The readers are guided tounderstand that they should connect his/ her roots with emotionalrelationship as a Christian1.The principle explains to the readers how they can live free from themistakes they did in the past. The principle outlines ways of livingfreely since no one can change the pas implying that people shouldfocus on the present.

  1. Live in brokenness and vulnerability.

Thisprinciple explains how emotional growth, particularly spiritualgrowth, is depending on the brokenness which is presented to God. Heuses Apostle Paul to explain this concept that scholars havedescribed this principle to be counter cultural. Scazzero argues thatstrength is not measured in power. He also argues that people shouldnot focus on ways of improving their financial standard but ratherlive in brokenness and search for God. He explains how power can bemanifested through weakness implying people should have faith. Thewriter explains how Apostle Paul lived in brokenness andvulnerability yet he was a powerful person spiritually. God used himto manifest his powers of the people.

  1. Receive the gifts of limits

Inthis principle, Peter Scazzero explains how people live in naturallimits. The natural limits are explained to be the limits ofpersonality, life in general,a situation happening in one’s life,physical and emotional aspects and all other intellectual aspects. Heexplains how the world is out of control and that people liveaccording to their faith. A lot of people have lost faith inChristianity and therefore live under their knowledge. He argues thatpeople should be filled spiritually in their lives and have faith inevery situation. They should embrace the gift of life. He explainshow a person can live happily under their God – given limits andtherefore lead a fruitful life2.

  1. Embrace Grieving and loss

Thisprinciple explains that people particular Christians, should notworry when struck by loses. The author clearly explains that losesand grief are natural in this life. An individual should embrace thegrieving and loss with courage and faith in God. Peter Scazzeroexplains how emotional maturity is achieved from embracing thegrieving and the loss accompanied with life on earth. Individualsshould embrace the loss and sufferings as Jesus Christ did. Heexplains that to follow the path of Jesus Christ, one should be readyto suffer. In the process of suffering one should possess the qualityof forgiveness. This will enable the individual to forgive the peoplewho cause suffering to him/her. This is the life that Christ lived3.He explains how forgiveness is not an easy process unless youexperience the pain in a different way.

Applicationand Implementation

Inbreaking the power of the past, it is necessary to break the chainsof the past and embrace the future. This leads to the growth ofemotional healthiness as an individual, and emotional healthiness interms of living a joyful life free from the past. About the principleof living in brokenness and vulnerability, as an individual it isvery important to embrace being humble. Humbleness according to PeterScazzero, is a way to emotional healthiness spiritually. Emotionalhealthiness is achieved from being humble to everyone and associatingwith everyone. As an individual, it is necessary to understand thatall people are equal before God. Thus, no person should show prideover another person.

Onthe principle of receiving gifts, as an individual it is necessary tolive and receive the gifts of limits. This concept means that as anindividual, I should be satisfied with everything I have andeverything God has provided for me. Peter Scazzero explained that asa Christian one should be joyous with everything they possess. Thelast principle explains that to grow spiritually, as a Christian, Ishould embrace grieving and loss. Jesus Christ lived his life and Hesuffered here on earth4.But he embraced it. In my personal life as an individual I should dothe same. Embracing the grieving and loss is achieved also byforgiving my oppressors.

Inembracing grieving and loses, it is necessary to assist individualswho are suffering. It is part of what Jesus Christ did. It entailshelping the suffering people, and those who are struck by loses aswell as oppressed. By doing so, one is able to embrace the feeling ofgrieving and loss. Scazzero wrote about embracing the grieving andloss. According to him, grieving and loss which leads to humblenessis one way a Christian can use to get emotional healthiness. Thefeeling provides and individual with an opportunity to embracehumanity and what people go through. Moreover, in achieving emotionalhealthiness, an individual should not judge. This can be achievedthrough helping the needy and sufferers. By so doing, an individualwill be able to understand what they have to experience in life.


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