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Thisjournal outlines about the child’s potential. It will be veryuseful in my research and will provide crucial information towardsanswering the research question.

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Thisbook outlines the childs development stages and characteristicsduring the growing of the child.

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Thisjournal outlines the development stages of a child.

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Thisarticle outlines about the social learning theory and its effects atdifferent ages.

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Thisarticle explains the brain development of the child.

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Thisarticle outlines how to train a developing child.

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Thisarticle explains the different growth stages of children and how theycan be manipulated

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Thisbook explains about the various development of children

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Thisbook explains parenting at different ages of the child.

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Thisarticle explains on the social learning theory and how it ismanipulated. The article explains the different effects of the theoryin people