Benefits of Peer Review 6q1sn

Benefitsof Peer Review


Sinclair et al. (2011) provide that effective literature reviewrequire acquisition of the latest information. The use of recentinformation assists the researcher to identify the literature gaps.The information is then analyzed concerning quality to enable theresearcher to identify the most appropriate topic for discussion.According to Allen (2013), the consistency of the literature reviewis important. It requires the investigator to provide various sidesof a chosen topic (Blunden, 2014). The researcher then has to showclearly the literature gaps in a way that is convincing to thereviewer. In addition to using the most recent information onliterature review, the researcher has to reference their work withvalid references. The references enable the researcher to establishthe validity of the information. The type of reference method used inthe literature review is of great importance. It should enable theresearcher to access the location of the information in case there isa need to clarify the sources (Blunden, 2014).


I am grateful to both my peers and the instructor for theirunwavering support and patience while reviewing my literature review.Their gusto depicted the advantage of a network in maintaining mymotivation and accelerating the rate of learning. They assisted inthe elimination of plagiarism and duplication errors. Their guidanceon citations played a big role in the completion of the literaturereview by assisting in highlighting the exemplary studies related tomy topic (Blunden, 2014). Besides, they assisted in highlighting thevarious areas where authors are in disagreement (Allen, 2013). Iencountered difficulties in showing how my study related to theliterature but finally managed to create a relationship. Besides, Ihad the problem in deciding the material I need to read but I havemanaged to locate relevant materials. Lastly, my current questionremains about how to hone my study design. I remain indifferentwhether to use a qualitative or a quantitative direction in my study.However, I am conducting further research to identify, the directionthat matches, with my topic (Sinclair et al., 2011).


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