Bed Bath and Beyond CSR


BedBath and Beyond CSR

CorporateSocial Responsibility Project: BedBath and Beyond

Bed,Bath and Beyond (BBBY) is a chain of retail stores in the USA, PuertoRico, Mexico and Canada. The entity deals in goods primarily for thebedroom, bathroom and the kitchen. The business trades in a widevariety of products including towels, duvets, shower curtains andcoffee brewers. The company also ships its products to overseasdestinations (Bed, Bath and Beyond, 2015). In 2014 alone, BBBY madesales worth $11.5 Billion. The chain began with a single store openedby Leonard Feinstein and Warren Eisenberg in Springfield in 1971.After 10 years, they had 18 stores in the USA. Bed, Bath and Beyondis considered among the successful business entities operating withinthe Americas (Bed, Bath and Beyond, 2015). Worth noting is the factthat the American retail store has no connection with the New Zealandcompany also named “Bed, Bath and Beyond” (Bed, Bath and Beyond,2015).


BBBYhas a clear report regarding its CSR program on environmentalsustainability. The report stipulates the activities it engaged inand the projects it initiated. The advancement of these projects isascertained by comparing the progress with the initial years (BBY,2011). The guiding principle of BBBY’s sustainability program isthe fact that our country relies on foreign oil that is harmful tothe environment and the invention of sustainable energy sources islong overdue. The retail sector has a key role to play in themitigation of environmental degradation.

Thecompany has introduced reusable bags to minimize the effects on theenvironment due to non- reusable bags. Part of the revenue collectedfrom the sale of reusable bags (a dollar for each bag) goes to theNational Fish and Wildlife Foundation (Bed, Bath and Beyond, 2015).In 2012 alone, BBBY donated $600,000 to the conservation organization(Hodgkins, 2013). The company also contributes to small localconservation movements. Within the organization, the management hascome up with a set of regulations aimed at minimizing naturalresource wastage and conserving the environment. They includeminimizing the use of paper, recycling paper, decreasing electricityusage and increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems in the stores.

BBBYis conscious about environmentally non- friendly sources of energysuch as coal and oil. It is in this regard that the company hasinstalled solar panels to serve 40% of its offices and stores(Hodgkins, 2013). The cumulative solar energy used in BBBY’soffices in a year, saves about 30,000 barrels of crude oil andprevents the emission of 1.8 million tons of Carbon Dioxide(Hodgkins, 2013). According to the Solar Energy IndustriesAssociation ranking, BBBY features in the top 20 companies thateffectively utilize solar energy.


Asa general company rule, all the branch managers at BBBY are allowedto join forces with the local community to support local events suchas sports. The company has also partnered with some charitableorganizations as a means of giving back to society.

Theassociation with Good360 ensures that the company donates products topeople in need, on a weekly basis (Hodgkins, 2013). Good360 is acharitable organization that provides basic commodities to people inneed. Through this partnership, Good360 connects BBBY to other smallgroups or households that are in need of donations (Hodgkins, 2013).This partnership saves BBBY time and increases efficiency.

Oncethe people in need are identified, local managers can make directdonations to them. The donations are made in the USA, Canada, PuertoRico and Mexico. The most common recipients include the homeless,people ensnared in natural disasters, those in transitional housingcrisis and youth in low- income areas (Hodgkins, 2013). In 2013, thefair value of products donated to charity stood at $156 million. Inaddition, a subsidiary business called Buy Baby joined thepartnership to increase the amount of donations further.

In2004, BBBY entered into an association with, 2013). The organization is an online platform thatprovides women with health tips. It has a question- answer sectionwhere readers can interact and relate to the issues. Some of theissues that the online platform addresses include healthy lifestyle,menopause, breast cancer and cervical cancer (BBB, 2015). Since BBBYis partly an online shop, it provides publicity for the organizationin question. The company advertises the organization on its onlineplatform by providing a link that many online buyers can follow.

Thecompany has also partnered with Head Injury Association. Theorganization runs a support program for head injury victims and theirfamilies. It offers clinical, vocational, educational andrecreational support (BBB, 2015). The company takes part in theorganization’s annual fund raisings. In 2013, BBBY was on a missionto appreciate our armed forces and their families for their serviceto the nation (Hodgkins, 2013). The one- time offer encompassedactive officers, retired officers and veterans. The company gave a30% discount on all its products.

Thecompany has also created a rubberized walkway the covers 10500 squarefeet. The aim of this move is to encourage healthy living throughwalking. The walkway makes use of recycled material, thereby reducingenvironmental degradation (BBB, 2015). The project has diverted198,000 tons of passenger tire tubing into something useful. If theproject was not available, there would 198,000 tons of waste tireslying at the dump sites.

Diversityand Inclusion

Thecompany values diversity in its workforce. Since the company spreadsfrom Canada to Puerto Rico, a diverse workforce is eminent. Thecompany believes in offering growth opportunities to all itsemployees irrespective of their background (BBY Careers EOD, 2015).To support this move, BBBY has a statement on its website addressingits complete commitment to equal opportunity and diversity.

Employmentis based on purely work- related qualifications. The recruitmentprocess involves hiring, training, promoting and compensation (BBYCareers EOD, 2015). During any of these steps, the company does notdiscriminate on grounds of sex, sexuality, religious beliefs, age,citizenship status, or disability (BBY Careers EOD, 2015). Thecompany has a strict policy regarding harassment, unlawfuldiscrimination and intimidation at the work place. The company haspolicies to ensure a comfortable workplace for all peopleirrespective of their background (BBY Careers EOD, 2015).


Thecompany has an impressive CSR plan regarding sustainability, thecommunity and diversity. The company’s generous contribution toprograms that do not earn it revenue is a leaf that many upcomingbusinesses can borrow. The company spends a lot of money giving backto the community through CSR whose budget outruns the promotionbudget sometimes (BBY, 2011). However, the company needs to improveits volunteering programs. Throughout the report, nowhere does itshow that employees volunteered to a social cause. Offering monetarydonations is good, but volunteering could motivate many people toreplicate the act. If the CEO leads a team of employees to a publiccleaning exercise, the society will be motivated to join.


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