Iwould like to be a pilot. As a long as I can remember, my dreamcareer has been becoming a pilot. Since I was five years old, myfavorite toys have been aircrafts. I have a big correction ofdifferent models of aircrafts I have collected over the years.Additionally, I would spend hours, whenever I am free watchingaircrafts land or takeoff in the runways at the airport. In additionto flying, I am fascinated by traveling to different places around.The idea of packing languages every day and traveling to new placesaround the world has been very interesting to me. I am aware that theidea of always being on the move is not the core reason of being apilot, but I love it. Therefore, the main reason why I would like tobe a pilot is the love of flying and airplanes. Additionally, I amfascinated by the idea of people flying.

Beinga pilot is glamorous and executing job. Additionally, it is one ofthe most rewarding careers in the modern business environment. I amaware that joining a major airline as a pilot is not an easy task. Itrequires extensive training and experience. Nonetheless, may careergoals in the airline industry is to become a commercial pilot. My aimis to work for major airlines such as united airlines, Alaskaairlines or Hawaiian airlines. However, to access opportunities inthese airlines, one requires more experience and flying hours.Therefore, my option would be starting my career at relativelysmaller commercial airline such as USPS or Fed Ex.

Iam aware that aware that majority of airlines in the United Statesare less concerned about the academic qualifications of a potentialpilot. They put more emphasis on intensive training and experience.Nonetheless, an advanced academic qualification is a plus. This iswhy I would like to be enrolled in the aviation program.Additionally, academic qualification, for example a universitydegree, enables the airline to gauge your ability to complete theintensive and expensive pilot training program. This will offer methe basic training that will enable prospective airlines to considermy application for a more intensive training program. At the end ofthe program, it is my hope that I will have acquires a private pilotcertificate. Once I have acquired a private pilot certificate, Iwould be ready for advanced pilot training program. This wouldinclude increasing my instrument rating and acquiring a commercialpilot certificate. While commercial certificate will require a totalof 250 flight hours, instrumental rating would require 40 hours ininstrument condition (actual or simulated) and 50 hours cross countryPIC. This will enable me start my career in the aviation industry(FAA, 2015).

Tobecome a passenger or cargo pilot, an individual requires acommercial pilot license. This license is issued by the Federal Authority. Once I have acquired this license, I will beginmy career, probably in a small commercial airline. Later, I wouldlike to work for major airlines in the world. For example, majorairlines require significantly high total flight hours, about 3000hours, including 1500 hours multi engine flights. These figures mayvary depending on the airline. It is my desire that one day I will bein charge of a major aircraft in a major airline in the world.


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