Aviation – Commercial Pilot



Reasonsfor becoming a Pilot

Inmy entire lifetime, I have always wanted to be a pilot because of somany reasons. At the age of five, I had already developed interest inthis career. Today, I find myself more interested in the fieldbecause it presents a new challenge to my life on daily basis. At atender age, I had magazines, many airplanes, and their accompanyingsimulators that kept me busy engaging with aircrafts. Rarely would anairplane pass my neighbourhood without taking a keen time to analyzehow it flies and what it is made of, but it is surprising today thatI can fly an aeroplane comfortably. With continued studying andtraining, I am fully aware of aerodynamics and whenever I fly, I amable to answer so many questions that would only be a miracle for meto do so many years ago. I used to wonder how would someone take apiece of metal full of fuel and human beings two-hundred thousand lband simply fly it as if it was a routine. Currently, I have come toappreciate the fact that people are indeed pilots because it is theirpassion. Understanding the idea behind flying is very importantbecause many people are disinterested in the career because of itsbureaucratic nature. In my childhood, being a pilot was consideredone of the prestigious professions in the world and indeed, it isstill the best. This has been my inspiration because I have alwayswanted to be the best in the world. Pilots end up developing a newperspective of the world because they experience something differentin their lives. This does not mean that a pilot has to consider himor herself superior. To the contrary, a real pilot is often humbledby the experience. While flying, the mind has enough time to thinkabout many issues. With the aviation training, an individual feelsaccomplished, adventurous, and more important helps an individualturn into a good person. These reasons encourage me to be part of theteam. The only way of realizing my ambition as stated in this sectionis through accessing admission to this prestigious college.


Theaim of any pilot is to work for the reputable airlines in the world.My career goal is to offer my services toUPS, Fed Ex, and USPS&nbspsincethey are the best-known local airlines in the city. In the future, Iwould like to serve global airlines that operate outside the countryincluding Alaska,United, and Hawaiian. Working with global leaders in the airlinesindustry is my ultimate goal. I believe I can achieve my dream if Ijoin the college and work hard to master the basic and compulsoryskills needed in operating excellently in the industry(Ryan, 2000).The air travel industry is dynamic because new technologies areintroduced frequently hence serving the best in the world isadvantageous as far as being at par with technology is concerned. Thelocal airlines will give me the much-needed experience to join thebest in the world, but all these will happen after receiving the besttraining in this college. The college offers the best course onaviation, the one that adheres to the cultural variations in society.Appreciation of culture is very important because I will beinteracting with various civilizations.


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