Authentic life


Thetopic of the study is authentic life. can be definedas the unconstrained process of a person factual or essentialpersonality in that individual daily initiative. Authenticity can beperceived as that thing that needs self-knowledge as well as personalalertness. These people are answerable. Authentic individuals taketheir powers and faults. They are linked to their standards, needs,and act purposely in means, which are reliable with those abilities.It allows people to link intensely with others since it needs peopleto be deceptive and weak. Are people living an authentic life? Arepeople in the society faking authentic life? Is the authentic lifeideal or is it achievable by the individual in the society? Isauthentic life fake or real?

Themain purpose of addressing the topic is because authentic life hasmisled many people. The people have good intention over their lifethat leads them to a life of sin and betrayal. An authentic life isdirectly connected to sin since it makes the human race show a lackof faith in humankind(Potter 270).The study will contribute the understanding of authentic life. It isgoing to show how humankind has been living a life their hate andworking for thing their hate. Another contribution of the study isthe demonstration of how the authentic life has led people living alife of depression, in addition to the perception that people havetheir culture.

Thepaper is going to examine the life that is lived by the young andstrong youth across the society. The study investigates the thingsthis group of young men and women do, and they do not need them.Examination of the authentic life of young men and women is essentialsince it show a clear consumerism of thing they do not need in theirlife.


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