Articles Summary from The Moscow Times

ArticlesSummary from TheMoscow Times

Fikenscher,Sven-Eric. Russia Must Abandon Assad to Fight Terrorism Op-Ed. Nov.13, 2015.Retrieved from:

Russianaviation experts and decision makers have confirmed that the recentcrash of the Russian Airbus was caused by terrorism. A small group ofterrorist allied to the ISIS had claimed responsibility for thedowning of the Airbus in retaliation to the entry of Russia into thewar against ISIS in Syria. Russian airstrikes have dealt a heavy blowto the hundreds of Muslims in Syria allied to ISIS in its continuedairstrikes for the last two months. The Russian government hasstated that its military campaign in Syria is an inevitable steptoward rolling back ISIS and other terrorist group in Syria.President Putin has called upon all major players to join hands andcoalesce around President Basha Assad.

Nonetheless,President Putin efforts to portray Bashar Assad as the only viablealternative to the Islamic terrorist has been termed as misguided byWashington. There have been differences between the United States andRussia on who constitutes the terrorist organization. With reportsindicating that the number of radicalized youths has been increasing,it is absolutely clear that the international community is facing a“common enemy” in the ISIS.

Stulov,Maxim . Russia to Impose Food Embargo Against Ukraine – EconomyMinister. Nov. 18 2015. Retrieved from: 2016, Russia government is set to impose a food embargoagainst Ukraine following the move by Kiev to join the US-ledsanctions against Russia. This was indicated by the minister foreconomy, Alexei Ulyukaev in the Russia state television. The ministerhas also indicated that this may also affect various goodsoriginating from Europe. This is a move geared towards protecting theRussian market from the uncontrolled influx of goods from developingcountries, especially those within the European Union, through thecustoms of Ukraine. The minister for the economy also indicated thatthe move to place a food embargo against Ukraine has been made withfull awareness of the free trade agreement between Ukraine and EUthat shall come into force in January 2016. Ukraine is expected tocreate a gateway to goods from EU members into Russia that may impactthe Russia economy in unprecedented ways. On September 16, PetroPoroshenko, Ukraine President signed a declaration introducingsanctions against 388 individuals from Russia and more than 100entities, including air carriers and banks, a move that has sparkedretaliatory action by Russia.Filonov,Vladimir. Increased Security in Russia After Islamic State Threats.Nov. 18, 2015. Retrieved from:

Russiahas stepped up security to safeguard Russians after ISIS threatenedto wage attacks on Russia. Russian Interior Ministry together withthe Federal Security Service is carrying out explorations and raidsmeant to identify suspected terrorists and thwarting the recruitmentof new members. Earlier this month ISIS militants had released avideo threatening to wage an attack in Russia for its militaryinvolvement in Syria. Police in Moscow has doubled their patrols, inall areas in reaction to the ISIS threats. More specifically, policeare looking into markets, industrial precinct and other areas wherecivilians from different parts of the world reside, as well as peoplewho present a threat to security, including association withextremists actions.

Litvinova,Daria. Terrorist Attacks Force Russia and the West to Talk AboutCollaboration. Nov. 19 2015. Retrieved from: the downing of the Russian Airbus, terrorist struck again, thistime in Paris where more than 120 lives were lost. Russian officialshave admitted that the Russian Airbus was brought down by anexplosive inside the aircraft, and ISIS has claimed responsibility inthe double terror attacks. The two attacks have forced world leadersto contemplate enforcing military operations in Syria against ISISand joining Russia, previously criticized for allegedly concentratingits war efforts on the moderate opponents of the Syrian dictatorBashar Assad. President Putin was one of the first world leaders toconvey his condolences to French people on that terrible night, justlike in the 9/11 when he was the first to call President Bush tooffer support in shattering the terrorist. Officials in Kremlin havereported that President Putin had indicated to French PresidentHollande Francois, that it has now become evident that to overcomethe threat posed by ISIS to the world, the entire internationalcommunity must join hands. Officials in Kremlin have indicated thatRussia is ready to make peace with the West and forge an allianceagainst ISIS and other militant groups, provided Russia wasacknowledged as an equal partner in the war with ISIS.

Proskurnina,O. German Companies Committed to Russia, Even in Today`s Crisis.Oct.14 2015. Retrieved from:–germany-2015/538315/german-companies-committed-to-russia-even-in-todays-crisis/538320.html

TheChairman of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce has indicated thatGerman companies ae not planning to vacate the Russian market inthese hard economic times. The chairman reported that the Germancomapnies are hoping they are going to sirvive the challengingeconomic environment and take advantage of new opportunities that maybe generated from the current situation. Multinationals operating inRussia, including those from German have been re-aligning theiractivities to cope with the current economic siuation that has beenmade worse by the sanctions. In a bid too cope with the importsubstitution, German companies have intensely engaged in thelocalization of production. The chamber has formed a localizationcommittee to help German companies operating in Russia to re-aligntheir activities so taht they meet the requirement and survive the hard economic times.

Porter,Sergei. Hilton to Open New Upscale Hotel in Moscow in 2018. Oct.27, 2015. Retrieved from: plans to open a new upscale hotel in Moscow in the next twoyears. Hilton vice president Fitzgibbon, has stated that the Hotelexecutives have signed a contract with a one of the constructionfirms based in Moscow to renovate an ancient hotel built in the late19thcentury at Ulitsa, and convert it into Hilton Moscow. Holton Hotelwill spend a total of $102 million to build the new hotel that willhave a capacity of 220 rooms that will occupy an area of 47,000square feet. Even though the Russian economy has been a target ofsanctions from Europe and United States, Moscow remains one of thekey tourist destinations in the continent, and Hilton Hotel hopes tocapitalize on this important economic prospect.



Globalizationhas made the world a global village. In what has come to be referredto as the information era, breakthroughs in technologies have madecommunication, transport, movement easier than any time in history. All aspects of modern life have been revolutionized, and the worldhas become integrated to the extent that an event in one corner ofthe planet affects almost everyone in the world. Unfortunately, thishas been true in the case of Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).The downing of the Russian Airbus in the Egyptian Sinai region andthe fatal attacks and killing of civilians in French capitals hashighlighted some of the negative features of globalization. In theera of globalization, borders have become so porous that militantsgroups loam wherever they want effortlessly.

Throughsocial media platforms, militants groups have been able toradicalized youths and threaten the global peace. Threat issued toRussia by ISIS has only been possible because of elements thatsupport globalization-digital technology. Globalization has made itnecessary and important for economies to integrate, and one of themost successful economic and political body to emerge out ofglobalization is the EU. The goods embargo Russia is threatening toimpose against Ukraine from January 2016 has been prompted by thefact that Ukraine has opened its borders to other EU member in linewith a free trade agreement that comes into effects form 2016.

Globalizationhas made countries more dependent on each other, and it is no wonderthat French and Russia have called for the unity of global powers andinternational community against ISIS. The fight against ISISillustrates the extent to which globalization has removed barriersset by cultural and social aspects, to unite countries for a commoncourse. In addition, the move by Hilton Hotel to open a new anupscale hotel in Moscow just exhibits the level to whichglobalization has eliminated barriers to trade and commerce. Eventhough Russia and United States have not enjoyed a favorablediplomatic relations for many, globalization has the power toovercome inefficiencies erected by politics, making it possible forventures to commence operations in any parts of the world.


Fikenscher,Sven-Eric. Russia Must Abandon Assad to Fight Terrorism Op-Ed. Nov.13, 2015.Retrieved from: