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Buyinga home in South Florida trumps renting, new study finds- By MarthaBrannigan



Istrongly agree with you that buying a house in South Florida is muchcheaper than renting. I also second that renting is dumping fundsaway as one cannot account for it at the end. Buying a house insteadof renting is not only advantageous in South Florida but also in mostcountries across the world. Talking from self-experience, I once usedto rent a house where I was residing some years ago before purchasingmy own house later. As a matter of facts my life is never the same atthat time I was renting and after I bought my own house. During thosedays, I could not afford a surplus in my salary to save or forinvestment. One thing that we should know is that all the landlordsare after maximizing returns on their real estate investment, andthey ensure this by setting rent at a higher level and hence makingrenting more expensive.


TaxImplications for Converting a Primary Residence to Rental Property(Kristin McFarland)


Thisis an article that every investor in real estate would wish to readand acquire more insights on the taxation of the real estate. Theauthor of this article is providing more information concerning taxincentives that are essential to the investors especially in taxplanning. It explains more about tax deduction to for the landlords.Allowable expenses have also been highlighted, and they includemaintenance expenses, mortgage interest, insurance expenses, propertytaxes and rates. Therefore, this is an article that I can recommendto all real estate investors.


FAAapproves two of the tallest downtown Miami towers by FECR (BrianBandell)



Thanksvery much for the information. It is good news to hear about theapproval of the construction of two of the tallest downtown buildingsin Miami of over 1000 feet. This will mark a good development of theeconomy of the country. It will also create opportunities for thedevelopers or investors in the country and therefore, boosting theeconomy of the country locally. The move will also create more jobopportunity to the residence of Miami and therefore, increasing theReal GDP by cutting down the unemployment. The construction of thetallest buildings will also encourage residents in moving downtownand where they can have various services more efficiently.

Article21 October 12

WhenShould Renters Consider Home Ownership – By Teresa Cowart



Istrongly agree with the factors that you have described here that oneneeds to consider when making a decision of whether owning a home orrenting. Even if majority argues that owning a home is cheaper thanrenting, there are some situation where the later could be the bestoption depending on the situation and other factors. It is,therefore, vital for the renters to have a thorough analysis of majorfactors as discussed by the author in this article. The futureintended goals of the renter in very important while considering homeownership. The renter should also consider the current and theexpected market trending as well as the credit score of theindividual. For example, if one is considering home ownership througha mortgage, he/she should ensure that his/her credit is up to par.


Stronghousing prices might dip


Yes,I strongly agree with you that strong housing prices will swing fromtime to time. The house prices are currently high due to the factthat Miami is a hot spot with over 70% units in new condos are soldin few weeks of launch and that they are even sold prior to theircompletion. However, just like the author of this article, I alsobelieve that the rate will slow down or stagnate after a period ofnine months and so on. The high prices are due to the current highdemand that is pushing the prices up. However, in the meantime, anequilibrium will be attained where the demand will be dispersedbetween the 6th and 9th month. The increased supply will lower theprices and even making it stagnant beyond the 9th month.


Report:South Florida has the highest risk of mortgage fraud in the countryBy Nicholas Nehamas



Mortgagefraud is not breaking news in South Florida. However, the mostshocking thing to me is hearing the lump sum amount of money that isbeing pocketed by these fraudulent committers. Actually 17.3 billiondollars going unaccounted for is a big threat to the economy of thecountry. The recent report released by the by the property analystsconfirmed that Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and the Broward countries arethe greatest victims faced by the highest risk of mortgage fraud.Mortgage fraud has also increased the risk to the lenders by handingthe vital information and hence causing an increase in the interestrates charged. This has resulted in a more difficulties in borrowingand most especially to the first time home buyers in the country.


Buyinga Home Cheaper than Renting, but the Gap Narrows


Thefact that buying a home is cheaper than renting is not a matter ofdebate as anyone could agree with the statement. The main motive ofthis article is to encourage individuals to consider purchasing theirown home rather than renting. The article has played a great role inchanging my attitude towards home owning. I believe that renting ismore efficient than owning a property. I have now realized thatresidential properties are owned by investors with a common objectiveof maximizing returns, and therefore, they tend to charge highamounts on the tenants so that they can achieve their goal. The firstand fore most advantage of buying a home instead of renting is thatthe individuals can used the amount that was previously used to payrent in making a short-term and long-term investment.


MillennialsNeed a Clear Path to Homeownership, HUD Secretary Says


Thisis a very interesting article that almost everyone who comes acrossit would wish to read. The potential home owners like me will alwaysneed a clear path. Reliable information is much vital to every personwho is about to make decisions concerning home ownership. Making adecision of whether to rent or buy a home might be one of hecticdecision that many are faced with and therefore, there is a need toseek guidance to those with prior experience or even professionals.Many local brokers in the real estate industry have also increasedthe risk and hence the need for legal and professional advice inmaking such moves.


SouthFlorida housing market shows steady gains, Freddie Mac says


Thisis a good article providing more insights on the price level in theSouth Florida housing market. The country is well-known for havingits housing market as the key pillar of the economy. The article alsoprovides an explanation on the affordability, mortgage loan, andemployment. I agree with this article on how real estate market hascontributed to increased employment and hence adding value to theeconomy. I therefore, second the author in saying that South Floridahousing market has truly shown a steady growth.


Ifyou live in an old building on South Florida’s prime waterfront,don’t get too comfortable: Developers want your sand


Asthe economy is developing, and the modern technology being invented,most of the properties are becoming obsolete. Foreign and localdevelopers in South Florida are targeting such properties with an aimof developing and improving the property by even building moreattractive towers. For example, there is this poor family located inthe middle of the Miami city. The poverty of the family can bewell-seen right from the quality of the apartment. However, mostinvestors have approached the family to sell the property to them butthe strategies have been abortive. There is that belief that thoseleaving in old buildings in South Florida should never get comfortsince developers want their sand. This is very true since we haveseen cases of land grabbers grabbing lands from the poor andprivately developing it.


Whatto expect from mortgage rate in 2016 (by Gregg DePersio)


Istrongly agree with you on your looking ahead to mortgage rate to theyear 2016. The fact that federal funds rate is expected to increasein the late 2015 and early 2016 is going to increase the mortgagerate. Federal funds rate refers to the rate at which banks in SouthFlorida lends money from their federal reserves. Also by many peoplewishing to own their own home has resulted in increased demand of themortgage and the first implication of the increased demand is to pushthe interest rate up.

Article32A November 8

Floridacould be headed for another housing slide (by Jim Tankersley)



Ialso agree with your comment and the sustenance of the statement thatthere might be an occurrence of housing bubble if the real estatemarket will continue at the same pace. Your main concern about theinvestment in real estate market is also right. This is because themajority of the investors the real estate properties at a higherprice with an aim of earning high rents due to the high demand ofthose rental properties. However, these prices are more likely tofall and stabilize in the long run. If this is the case, theinvestors who have purchased the properties on mortgage loans areheavily affected. This therefore, increases the risk surroundinginvestment in the real estate industry.

Article34 November 12

Whenit comes to selling your home quickly

Thisis a very interesting article that one can never think of putting itdown when he or she starts reading it. The most difficult situationarise when one wants to set the most appropriate price level fortheir homes. The article has described some of the common mistakes tode avoided when setting an asking price. All seller are afterachieving high profits, and they ensure this by setting high pricesfor their real estate properties. It is therefore, important to seekprofessional advice whenever valuing a real estate property. It isonly by making use of registered and recognized valuers thatinvestors can be able to get the true and fair value of a particularproperty.

Article46 November 26

DavidBeckham plans for Little Havana stadium in question


Ifind the idea of putting up the stadium in the area as a goodinvestment both economically in terms of the revenue to be generatedand in talents development, among the locals. However, I findfurther the growth of the businesses around the stadium growingrapidly so as the population. It is however very important to notethat as much as the good is coming with this investment I find italso necessary to say that history will be made as well as deleted tosome point, the inflated prices above the market value may sound goodand amounts to history to those being compensated. But in other wayhaving an economic influx, further the, bring down of the old madehomes backdated to 30s brings elation of history.

Article48 November 27

Homerenovations that add value and a heftier tax bill


Thereexist a reasonable prove in the article that renovations trigger taxbills in the countries though in different ways for differentcounties it is would very important for the owner of the property toensure that they get to know the tax implication that any renovationthey undertake has on their property has for them, though I find theidea little after going through the article that renovations may alsotake one from one tax blanket to the other. And changes me to thinkof the same for my property for the purposes of assessment andreassessment. The article gives categories of the renovations runningfrom large renovations that will mean allowing moiré people to livein, not-so- obvious improvement which have got little to do with thehouse at all.

Article50 November 27

Miamicould lose billions from coastal flooding by 2050


Thisarticles takes me to the more and greater discussion on the worldarena about the effects of the global climate changes, and what lieahead of everyone in terms of natural and manmade features. Withheavy losses being anticipated which requires prior preparations. Inthe article the multi-billion, real estate is faced with thechallenge and control measures are the only solution that may be thesolution. Control of the floods by putting in place barriers that cansustain for long , by cutting the speed at which the water levelrises or alternatively putting in place along plan evacuationstrategy, and discouraging further real estate development to thepotential disaster areas. Doing nothing at all would be more fatalthan doing the little that can be done therefore the article by thatadvocates that indeed we have to do something whether we like theidea or not.

Article52 November 28

Homesales fall in Miami- Dade but prices rise


Thisarticle case is absolutely a reflective case of what price rise cando too many. In the article, I find that many families and peopleespecially the locals cannot buy homes because the prices haveincreased and more foreigners are getting their way probably becausethey earn more or are part of the rich allowed from their countrieswho can afford it. Further I find that the weaker economies’ anddoing of the dollar in the world economy compared to the othercurrencies on the globe does not have only good but also some badtowards the locals, And more so, to the poor population, And to theconstruction companies as well.

Article55 November 29

Rentalrates on the rise what to expect in 2016


Takingit in mind, in my opinion I find in the article that it is evenharder to purchase a home and therefore, making leasing thealternative way of survival. I get to understand more in the articlethe reason as to why, as a tenant one needs to have various skillsand have more knowledge of how to rent in a good location favorableto them and also convenient for them in terms of leasing fee.Research and search, competition, and sacrificing are indeed factorsto consider when renting because they give a clue of what one expectsto happen in the near future in terms of a rent increase.

Article56 November 29

Thebest place to invest in Florida

Fromthe article investing in Florida would be fun to any entrepreneurwilling to considering the statistics shown. It is also clear fromthe article that recently the interest in real estate is increasing.I find Hialeah Gardens having the best of the three top communitieswhen it comes to the speed of sale in the health score that I findrather very impressive as expected by me taking 9.5 of the possible10 points. And with Mariana coming in, in the 20s lowest price persquare foot sale and attracting more population brings me much ofwhat I anticipated with price fall in case. This is a superbstatistical article.

Article57 November 30

Despitelooming clouds, bright forecast for U.S. real estate

Inthe article the information is well detailed and gives an outlook ofthe current occurrences in the market and growth in the real estateindustry and constructions industry and due to the competitionwedging ahead price will increase due to demand increases which havebeen caused by the confidence that investors have on in the industry,all across and in the future. In the article, I also find that risingtreasury rates will in either way increase borrowing costs for thereal estate investors that rise in asset values. Predictions alsoshow that vacancies will continue to decrease modestly. It is alsoencouraging to find that that demographics remains compelling withdemands from all groups. However, the article goes further and warnsthat there are worrisome signs with few returns or yields in bothcorporate bond market and REIT market which in this case I find thatit predicts the private market values.


Weimer,A., &amp Hoyt, H. (2009). Realestate(7th ed.). New York: Ronald Press.