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Thearticle describes the influx of international students in the city ofLowa as well as the top Universities in the United States. Theseinternational students mostly of the Chinese origin have had socialproblems of adjusting to the way of life in America. The universitiesintroduced programs for international students to adjust. Howeverthat program was hated and rejected by these international studentsand as a result it was cancelled.

Inaddition to the cultural problems, the international students make upa high number that is continually growing. They typically pay triplethe amount of tuition fees compared to the American students. Thusthey contribute the growing economy as well as enabling thoseparticular institutions attain most of their financial goals. As aresult, concerns have evolved by the worrying trend of replacing thelocal American students.


Ibelieve this was an easy read for me as I was able to understand thetheme of discussion. The use of the case study to bring to light thegeneral attitude of the Americans was more helpful. It was easy tounderstand the topic of discussion from an international Chinesestudent’s point of view. It is easy to relate her feelings and herdesire to be accepted in the school community as well as the largerAmerican community.


Ifind this particular article helpful in shedding to light some socialproblems that have normally led to fatal results. Such culturalproblems have usually gone unnoticed or are usually ignored. It isfor this particular reason that I totally agree with this article onthe need to come up with effective programs to help promote unity andco-existence. This can only be achieved if we start in our collegesand universities, eventually reaching out to the entire society.


Thearticle is about the creation of some social media platforms such asthe Yik Yak app that have allowed hate speech and insulting posts.The article explains that this is because such social media platformsallow people to post anything they so deem fit as their identity isnot given. This social medial platform has grown popularity amongstthe students in Lowa and as a result most attacks have been aimed tothe Asian communities. Statements with racial fear are freely airedcausing waves of panic and social withdrawal mostly by the targetedoften criticised Chinese communities.


Itwas not hard to read this article. The easiest part of article toread was the part that explained the use of the social apps. This isbecause I understood them from the knowledge of the apps. However,the most difficult parts to read were the areas with quotations andareas with hard terms like “Xenophobic” as they needed moredefinition. These terms nade the article more difficult than thefirst one


Iagree with the main points of this article. However, I agree morewith the first article about the impact of the international studentson the social and business parts of the Iowa town. This is because Iam an international student and I agree with the observations thatthe article is giving about the situation.


Thesolution I would offer is the introduction of the basic and mandatoryprograms to help students adapt. The aim will be to integrate theseinternational students to the American way of life. The universityinstitutions should continue to work with the American students toensure that there is a healthy cultural exchange.


  1. Xenophobic, Meaning: the tendency to have dislike of people from other countries

  2. Segregation- separating someone and treating him or her differently because of social factors such as of race

  3. Scribble- To write something down in a hurry

  4. Plummeted-Plummet- having a decrease or a drop in the level, the amount of value of something

  5. Resistant- to have the ability to prevent something from happening