Articles Review and Examination

ArticlesReview and Examination

OneHundred Years of Solitude is a novel which was released in the year1967 by a Colombian an author called Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Thenovel talks about the multi-generational story of Buenda family,whose patriarch, José Arcadio Buenda who is found in a town known asthe metaphoric Colombia in Macondo. The marginal realist style andthe thematic substance of this novel were established as an importantrepresentative novel of the literary Latin American Boom of 1960s and1970s which was stylistically influenced by modernism from Europe andNorth America. This novel was first published in the year 1967 inSpanish and it has been interpreted into 37 languages. Martin Fierrois a 2,316 line epic poem which was written by Jose Hernandez whocomes from Argentina and the poem was originally published in twosections, one was published by El Gaucho Martin Fierro in the 1872and another one in the year 1879 by La Vvuelta de Martin Fierro(Hernándezp. 25).The purpose of the poem was to supply a historical link to thegauchos’ contribution to the national development of Argentina.Gaucho had played a major role in Argentina’s independence fromSpain, the poem written in Spanish that evokes rural Argentina.Facundo is a book written in the year 1845 by Domingo FaustineSarmiento a writer and a journalist who became the seventh presidentof Argentina. It is a cornerstone of Latin American Literature, awork of creative non-fiction that helped to define the parameters forthinking about the region’s development, modernization power andculture. Facundo describes the life of Juan Facundo Quiroga, a gauchowho had a terrorized provincial Argentina in the 1820s and 1830s.

Therole of politics in the world as illustrated in the novel one hundredyears of solitude is to ensure that citizens should be sufficientlyeducated about the importance of politics so as to create a goodrelationship amongst people in order to enhance peace and harmony. Inthe same novel scientific evidence has indicated that througheducation, people are able to develop critical thinking which willenable them to justify evidences through news and opinions. Politicswill also ensure that through their political parties should ensurethat there is equal distribution of resources this will help peopleavoid discrimination and tribalism in the country. Through politics,there is freedom of speech which is an important weapon incommunication this will allow people to share their opinions andideas with others freely without fear. This will enable citizens tofight freely for their independence as express in the novel of MartinFierro through a poem which was written by Jemo Hernandez.

Accordingto the article one hundred years of solitude, technologicaladvancement can be achieved through boosting the educational systemsthat support youth advancement. In the article Facundo, this can beachieved through constant support of skill training among allcitizens in the country (Sarmientoand Ross p. 37).This is illustrated in the article martin fierro by highlighting thatscientific studies is the avenue for identifying the most appropriatemechanisms that can be utilized in development of the society.Adopting appropriate technologies leads directly to higherproductivity, which is the key to growth. In societies that havelarge stock and flows of knowledge, virtuous circles that encouragewidespread creativity and technological innovation emerge naturally,and allow sustained growth over long periods. To indicate the role oftechnology in the society, one hundred years of solitude highlightsthat with limited stocks of knowledge, bright and creative peoplefeel stifled and emigrate as soon as they can create a vicious circlethat traps those who remain in a more impoverished space.

Accordingto Facundo it is the duty of political class to ensure that citizensare having the necessary freedom to help them appreciate life. Forinstance, Facundo is ready to criticize the dictatorship rule thatwas being exercised by Rosas in that helped transform the culture andhistory of Argentina. From this article it is possible to realizethat it is the duty of political class to ensure that citizens areinformed so that they become active in development of importantissues that pertains their development. Through these avenues, thisgroup is supposed to attain freedom of speech so that people are ableto converse freely. Free communication is necessary for exchange ofideas which is a requirement for improvement of the society. Thisclass should identify the importance of each perspective of everyactive citizen in the development of the society.

Alternatively,the political class should ensure that every person in the society isable to gain access to the natural resources that are available inthe country. This should be done equitably so that there are goodrelationships within the country (Stavansp. 42).Alternatively, the author is ready to point out the role oftechnology in the development of the society. According to thisarticle, technology is required to help the society operate smoothly.Technology should be an avenue for harmonizing the crude aspects thatthe society utilizes to undertake its operations. It is thus theresponsibility of technology to help eliminate brutal and senselesspowers in the society. Technology is therefore supposed to beharmonized with political powers to help in salvaging the societyform poor governance systems. Technology should be used to help thepolitical class realize the defects that are present in the governingsystem of the country. This can be achieved if scientific approachesare used to conduct research so that they identify the gaps that arepresent in the society.

Scienceshould be utilized as the main source of knowledge and informationthat is necessary for harmonizing and encouraging cooperation amongsocial and natural sciences as identified in martin fierro. It isused as the source of lessons from humanities and advancement ofaboriginal wisdom. This can be achieved through research which isessential for development and establishing the possible solutions tothe problems that existed (Sarmientoand Ross p. 78).This is necessary for advancement of socioeconomic issues which isnecessary for explaining the internal limitations of the researchresults to the public. Science is therefore necessary forcommunication which is used as the channel for exchange of ideas.Through technology therefore it is necessary to advance thecommunication channels that are explored and unidentified throughscientific research. According to martin fierro, the development ofthe society should incorporate all people regardless of theirposition in the society. The author points out that the ruralpopulation should be engaged in the development of the country. Heaffirms that this can be achieved through incorporation of technologyin the dealings of the society. Scientific research and studiesshould be utilized as the main avenue for establishing the necessarytechnological advancements.

Inthe one years of solitude, it is identified that technology has to beutilized as the avenue for technology should be utilized as theavenue for enhancing educational systems in the country. This can beattained through introduction of teamwork training andmultidisciplinary research entry into science education. Service andtechnology are the differentiators between countries that are able totackle poverty effectively by growing and developing their economies,and those that are not. The extent to which developing economiesemerge as economic powerhouses depends on their ability to grasp andapply insights from science and technology and use them creatively.Innovation is the primary driver of technological growth and driveshigher living standards (Hernándezp. 56).

Fromthis information it is clear that human life is highly affectedeither in a better way or a worst way by enhancing innovation inscience and technology. It is also evident that some of thetechnological advances that humanity depends on today might haveserious effects in the near future. Progress in various fields oftechnological advances avail actual reimbursement to society, butalso elevate broader societal questions. Thus, there is urgentrequirement for an enhanced understanding of where, and how, scienceand technology fit into the cultural and industrial life of thenation. Scientists should become more proactive in providing adviceto politicians and policy-makers where proposed new policies involveknowledge they possess from their research (Stavans p. 65). It isthus the responsibility of scientists, technological experts andpolitical class to work in harmony to ensure the country is steeredtowards the desired expectations. Successful countries have growntheir ability to innovate and learn by doing, by investing publicfunding to help finance research and development in critical areas.Everyone is involved big and small, public and private, rich andpoor. The benefits that are certain to flow from technologicalrevolution in an increasingly connected world and knowledge-intensiveworld will be seized by those countries and companies that are aliveto the rapidly changing environment, and nimble enough to takeadvantage of the opportunities. Those that succeed will makesubstantial advances in reducing poverty and inequality.


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