Art Collection


In the article, Art is for Art Lovers: On Collecting Art for Love,Money and More, the authors present art collection as an activitydone out of passion rather than for the availability of surplus moneyto spend on items. It presents art as an erotic activity whoseprimary drive comes from the regressive desire for possession.Collectors direct their feelings towards natural objects. Accordingto Wegner’s advice on art collection, the activity is a uniqueadventure that requires an original mastering the relationship thatart has with the aspects of the environment.

To become a good art collector a described by Wagner requires one tohave extra coins after paying all the bills. As most of the art ispresent from the internet, it is advised that an individualphysically sees the art in question and understand the artist’swork. Frequent visits exhibitions can help an individual todistinguish the original works from the many counterfeit pieces.Also, Wagner provides that there is a lot of art in the world theinternet cannot capture. An art collector should, therefore, look foran art advisor to help in identifying personal tastes.

Art also exhibits trends in the current world ad it has not lost itsstates. Modern art collectors auction in exhibitions usually sell ata higher price than the estimated value. It shows that people’stastes are diverse and that modern art still has a place among theart collectors.

Due to the value attached to the art, most people and collectors tendto exaggerate the prices that sometimes may not match with thequality. The article provides that the price of art began decliningin 2012 due to the irregular prices. The move is maiming the initialintention of the art collection. It should be for love and passionand not for money. The question that remains is, will art regain theposition and effect it had in the society after its hyperbolicalmonetization?