Art Business



Accordingto Jeremy Eckstein, art has been associated with aesthetics andcreativity for a long time. He considers that many people did not seeart as a form of investment. In the contemporary society, art hasbecome an investment contributing to a society’s wealth. Over thelast two decades, serious investors have shown great interest in artbusiness with the market acquiring dominance in the mainstreambusiness arena. Jeremy observes that art business has attractiveyields compared to the conventional asset classes. Additionally, itis a low risk business requires creativity of the item or thedesigner.

Theauthor offers insightful information on important issues that havenot been researched widely. It is true that many people see art inthe form of aesthetics. With the changing dynamics in the field,people have taken up interest in investing in art. Emergence ofadvisors on art investment as well as the creation of art investmentfund in some quarters highlights the growing importance of artbusiness. According to the article, art business has not onlyattracted the artists but also investors whose intention is to makemoney. It is true that the investors need to consult the art expertsto make wise decisions on investment.

However,the article did not capture the factors that influence people intoinvesting in the business. The influences are important to help ingetting the value of any piece of art. Further, the author did notcapture some of the economics and parameters that are used by theinvestors to quantify the value of investment. Overall, the articlecaptures the mind of the readers with captivating information about alowly regarded field.