Application of Standards of Care and the Nurse Practice Act to Advance Practice Nurses Invo

Applicationof Standards of Care and the Nurse Practice Act to Advance PracticeNurses Invo

Describe the case and discuss the standard of care that theparties will be held to in this case

The case involved a 55-year woman, Mrs. Carpenter, who went to CaringMemorial hospital for a hip replacement service. The hospital wascareless in handling the patient since she died of poor attendance.For instance, the patient was admitted to a medical, surgical nursingunit and the nurse assigned to take care was unfamiliar with the room(American Nurses Association 2001). Moreover, Kelly and Josephconducted the examination on the patient, and they both issueddifferent reports concerning the Mrs. Carpenter’s condition to thephysician. According to the licensed nurse scope of practice scope asdistinct by 22 TAC 217.11(1)-(2), a registered nurse is to supposeto gather and perform an appropriate assessment concerning apatient’s condition, to identify changes in a patient’scondition, and issue the results and the observations of thesignificant changes to the physician (American Nurses Association2010). For this case, Kelly failed to perform her duties as requiredby the nurses’ scope given that she admitted the patient to thesurgery room and did shoddy examinations on her body. Additionally,she did not report the matter to the relevant physician.

How will the standards of care and the Nurse Practice Act beapplied in a court of law if the case is sued

The hospital will be sued off the negligence of the nursing code ofstandards, which requires nurses to check fully their patent’scondition and report the results to the relevant doctor, but Kellyand Joseph gave different reports concerning the patient’scondition to the physician (Benner, Tanner &amp Chesla 2009).Moreover, the conflicting observation and report on the healthcondition of Mrs. Carpenter portrays how the two nurses in thehospital shoddily did her body examination. Therefore, the hospitalmay be charged with misconduct, which may lead to the revoke of theirlicense.


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