Application for Donor Testing Technologist


Applicationfor Donor Testing Technologist

Applicationfor Donor Testing Technologist

Qualificationfor the position of a DonorTesting Technologist

Thevarious qualifications that best describes my competency in the aboverole as narrowed to both primary and secondary functional areas areoutlined below:

ThePrimary Functional Qualifications

DonorTesting Lab IT Systems– the performed tasks or duties under this category relates tohospital functions such as the identification of the blood types andantibodies, investigation on the harmful responses of the body toblood transfusion and blood tests for viruses during transfusion.Other qualifications include supportive assistance to nurses andother physicians during blood transfusion therapy as well assupervising the collection, delivery, and storage of bloodcomponents.

CadavericTesting Bench– some of the duties that suit my qualification for the positioninclude the NAT dilution procedure and cadaveric donor sampleaccessioning and reporting procedures, the rapid plasma reagin (RPR)test for patients suffering from syphilis infections and non-OPOmicroplate tests.

NEOOperations– the related functional experiences related to the NEO operationsinclude ABO/Rh typing, antibody confirmations, and screening,anti-CMV testing and donor antibody IDs.

SecondaryFunctional Qualifications

SysmexHematology Operations– the possessed qualifications include pH testing of the platelet,maintenance of all databases, testing of potential SDP donors anddonor products.

Trainingand Competency Program Management– establishing tracking system and overseeing the integration ofcompetency changes that are in line with organizational changes. Istand in to develop and administer policies that relate to theposition role (Donor Testing Technologist) to ensure that the companyattains competency through the management program. I will also beflexible to consult both the HR and manager of the organizationregarding the job description of the supports within my department,and offer training services to every individual in the department toenhance performance appraisal.

EquipmentMaintenance–maintaining of every equipment used during blood test is of thegreat value, and based on the experiences in the same role,sterilizing and maintaining all the equipment in good condition willform part of my daily role.

Theprofessional goals for the next five years

Someof the professional goals strategies that I expect to attain in thenext five years are as follows: first, as a Donor TestingTechnologist, I will strategize on increasing donation to facilitatepatients’ transplant. I will have full responsibility foridentification of all potential donors, instituting proper donormanagement and timely referral of donors to local organ procurementthrough collaboration with the families. Organizing of suchactivities, therefore, will ensure that the system used meets thecurrent expectation within the market.

Secondly,with the availability of the facilities to be used within mydepartment, I will ensure that all process such as transplants isconducted in a fair manner to all patients without any discriminationof any form. Proper upgrading of the systems every fiscal year andliaising with the procurement department to purchase the upgradedequipment within the department will form part of my initiative.

Everystaff needs to perform duties in the most transparent and accountablemanner. Part of my strategic plan for the five years to come is toenhance accountability and transparency in my department. Every anindividual will have a right to claim for the subsequent report thatentails how members perform their daily duties, and suggest anychanges to be made. Reinforcement of budget that support servicedelivery shall be adopted to facilitate improvement in the availableresources supports skill development, and technological advancementthrough system upgrading that increases the efficiency ofperformance.