American Health Care Association

AmericanHealth Care Association

Benefitsto long-term care providers

TheAHCA benefits long-term care by acting as a reliable source ofinformation to these professionals. For example, the Long-term CareerCare Center was started by AHCA to provide members specializing inthe long-term care services with information about job openings(AHCA, 2015). AHCA connect qualified long-term care providers withpotential employers, who also members of the association. Inaddition, AHCA expose long-term care providers to a wide range ofcareer advancement opportunities, which help its members succeed in acareer.


AHCAdoes not disclose the membership cost for individual members.However, the association refers individuals who wish to becomemembers to inquire more about require for membership to theirrespective affiliate associations at the state level (AHCA, 2015).AHCA finance its operations (such as exhibitions and publication ofthe Provider Magazine) using funds contributed by companies that arerecognized when they contribute more than $ 100,000 (AHCA, 2015).This implies that the membership fee for individuals and affiliateassociations may not be standard.


AHCAmembers get two major types of benefits. First, AHCA has come up withcost cutting programs (such as the Credit Card Processing, EmployeeScreening Programs, and Communication Services) all of which arediscounted for all members (AHCA, 2015). This help members reduce thecost of services as well as the products they use on a daily basis.Secondly, ACHA provides members with useful information on clinicalpractices, disaster planning, and compliance programs, which helpmembers adopt best practices in their respective industries.

Membershipfor NH Administrator

Asa NH administrator it would be advisable to become a member of AHCA.This is because the administrator will have a greater access touseful information that will help in implementing best practices in anursing home. In addition, the administrator will be able to takeadvantage of discounted programs offered by AHCA to reduce the costof delivering care at the nursing home.


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