Advertisements Analysis

Advertisement #1: Coca-Cola / A Generous World

Media: The advert uses the televisions and online media.

Timing: It runs during breaks on commercials and frequently duringthe NBC sports and is aired on NASCAR America as well.

Advertising Objective: It serves as a reminder for people to share aCoke with those in worse or even worse situations. In short, the firmis passing the message that “sharing is caring”.

Target Market: It targets people of all works of life from theyouths to the elders and all kinds of business people as well aspeople of all occupations. No matter who they are, they can use aCoke’s happiness.

Message Execution Style: The Company uses the slice of life and musicin executing the advertisement. It shows the full Coke bottle handedover from one survivor to another in tragic scenarios while playingthe Walker’s music and ends with a display of the symbolic Cokebottle of open happiness.

Advertisement #2: Samsung / The Next Big Thing

Media: The advert uses the televisions.

Timing: Super Bowl commercials run the advert.

Advertising Objective: The advert is intended to persuade the viewersto perceive Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone as the “The Next Big Thing”regarding innovation in future technology at present times. Itpersuades the viewers to adopt the culture of Samsung innovations.

Target Market: By using the former NBA star LeBron James, Samsungtargets smart sports fan may be smart football fans particularlybecause they enjoy humor. Also by using Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen asloved actors, it targets a broad range of all movie fans. Together,most likely the advert targets males of between 16 to 35 years, asthey are active in sports and movies.

Message Execution Style: Samsung uses personality symbol to executethe advertisement. Semiotics of this commercial surrounds the starLeBron James with a magnificent one-liner appearing on Samsung Tabletwhile pitching on his idea at the time highlighting Samsung Galaxyinnovation. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen mention the slogan six timesshowing themselves as the big film actors using the next biginnovations.

Advertisement #3: Gillette/Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Media: The advert uses the televisions and online media, particularlyYouTube.

Timing: It is aired during Top 10 and MLB Network Special.

Advertising Objective: The advertisement is informative andpersuasive at the same time. It introduces new technology terms as“with flexible” that allows men to shave without considering thecontours.

Target Market: This advert targets men of all ages with moustache andsideburns because they tend to shave regularly. It also targets menwith sensitive skin because it is created just for them.

Message Execution Style: Mood and image execute the advertisement. Ithighlights three men trying to twist the chain to get maximum contactwith the blade but the fourth one display how the new Gillette takescare of such problems.

Advertisement #4: Toyota/Toyota Camry

Media: The advert uses the televisions, magazines, newspapers,campaigns and online social channels such as Facebook.

Timing: Toyota Camry advert appears mostly in the Super Bowlcommercials.

Advertising Objective: The commercial is persuasive. The company istrying to attract buyers for forty years and below because youngerpeople infuse little pizzazz into the cars that would otherwise beview dull. It is also showing how bold the selling company is.

Target Market: Toyota is trying to target the young populationdrivers who seek styles that make them fall for their cars and thosewho want comfort in driving experiences. Camry aims to offerdependability and fun experience in response to clients’motivation.

Message Execution Style: Lifestyle, mood and image execute theadvertisement. It uses flashbacks to show how a father had been therefor her daughter through challenging times such as when she did nothave the dancing partner and when she faced bullying among others.Toyota Camry equates the fathers’ boldness and presence in toughtimes

Advertisement #5: Palmer`s /Cocoa Butter Formula

Media: The advert uses the televisions and online social mediachannels.

Timing: It runs during breaks on the evening commercials and Bravo.

Advertising Objective: The advert is both informative and persuasive.It explains the reasons as to why pregnant women and women of thechild-bearing age can worry less about the stretch marks because thecompany designs Palmer Cocoa Butter solely combats the problem.

Target Market: The advert targets all pregnant women along with thosewho suffer stretch marks or scars on their bodies.

Message Execution Style: Testimonial evidence executes the advert.The celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt bares her belly to the worldshowing them just how Palmer’s brand should be trusted for stretchmarks for the two times she has used it.

Advertisement #6: Colgate-Palmolive / Optic White

Media: The advert uses the televisions and online media.

Timing: It airs during E! and twice during the Sex and the City.

Advertising Objective: The advert seeks to inform individuals withfaded teeth that White Optic changes that in two days of use,therefore, persuading them to try this new product.

Target Market: this advert most likely targets the teens and youngladies who love makeup and appreciate the confidence that comes witha smile from white teeth. It also targets all the individuals withirritable off white teeth.

Message Execution Style: Testimonial evidence brings out theadvertisement along with the use of an actress Daniella Rabbani whosepart of getting ready includes White Optic. She brushes using aColgate brush on the screen to the products effectiveness with avoice over.

Advertisement #7: Nestle / Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss

Media: The advert uses the televisions, magazines and online media.

Timing: It runs during commercials breaks.

Advertising Objective: Nestle wants to seek attention and a newexperiment with this new brand and in a shocking style because itemploys the use of naked models and actors.

Target Market: Nestle designed the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss toattract a younger audience who happen to be the coffee drinkingmillennial.

Message Execution Style: The Company use a slice of life and music inexecuting this advertisement. Twenty-four models and actors bothfemales and males who wear body paints in various colors replace theusually surprised baristas in serving coffee.

Advertisement #8: Apple / Apple Watch

Media: The advert uses the televisions.

Timing It frequently runs on the current television commercials.

Advertising Objective: Apple wants to show that it is informingpeople the things they had never imagined they would do with a merewatch. It is also persuading individuals to adopt a simple lifetimeby leaving much to the watch as it integrates live activities such askeeping healthy and training

Target Market: This advert mostly targets young people as evidentfrom the seven versions created that incorporate dancing, playing,paying, exercising, travelling and kissing. More so, it targets apopulation that values personality in products.

Message Execution Style: The Company uses the slice of life alongwith a voice over to conduct the advertisement. In the first advert,a young man shines the light on the messaging capabilities and singsa ditty to his girlfriend through these messages ending with atagline “text your heart out.”

Advertisement #9: Always / Like A Girl

Media: The advert features in the televisions and online media.

Timing: It frequently runs during breaks on Super Bowl commercials.

Advertising Objective: This advertisement is majorly informative. Itfocuses on breaking down society customs and empowering girls to gobeyond limited expectation for them.

Target Market: Like A Girl advertisement targets all kinds ofwomen at various ages especially as teens whose life plummet atpuberty leading them to lose confidence.

Message Execution Style: The Company uses mood and image in executingthe advertisement. In the advert, girls write down stereotypes thatprevent them from such an assignments then smash the boxes in amanner to forget what all they had been so they could not do.

Advertisement #10: McDonald / Lovin’

Media: Televisions and online media largely feature thisadvertisement

Timing: It runs on Super Bowl commercials mostly in the nights.

Advertising Objective: The advertisement aims at informing the publicand consumers about a new payment. In addition, it is reminding thepeople of the friendly services at McDonald, therefore, isstrengthening their brand as well as bringing positivity.

Target Market: McDonald’s new payment methods target family eatouts, the working middle-class who have limited time to prepare mealsas well as millions who enjoy tasty fast foods.

Message Execution Style: Mood and image portray the advertisement.Customers order pre-selected items pay nothing but affectionexpressed in some ways as ringing beloveds, taking a selfies orhigh-fives to hugs promoting the bite of love.