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TO:Director, Center of Excellence for Teaching Technologies,

TheDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering,

Universityof Tuktoyaktu


DearSir/ Madam,

RE: Technical Writer Job Application

Iam a continuing student with a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering.I hereby present my presentation of interest to work as in yourDepartment as a full time Technical Writer according to theadvertisement posted on 26th November 2015. With the experience andexpertise I have acquired from my internship both at the College andthe Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, I believe Iposses the adequate experience, skills and abilities useful for thejob.

Ihave the required outstanding abilities in both oral and writtencommunication with experience in writing during my 1 year attachmentat the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Universityof Tuktoyaktuk. I am also able to effectively combine several tasksand still maintain my quality work because of the experience Iacquired at the department working without supervision and help dueto the absence of a fellow worker. I have mastered and familiarizedwith the various editing styles and used them in my work.

Ispent 13 months working as writer in the Department of Civil andEnvironmental Engineering and attained the required recommendationfrom my consistent service. I replaced a long serving writer whoretired a month into my internship and filled the vacancy the entireyear that followed. I believe I have attained the necessaryrequirement through my consistency at the Department. The busyschedule at my previous post challenged me to work five days a weekconsistently for 13 months because I enjoy working as a writer andalso because the department relied on my skills.

Ilook forward to your consideration.






Yearof Birth

MaritalStatus Single





  • To display talent, industriousness and creativity while working with and through people to attain best achievable results

  • To use my skills and knowledge to the best of my abilities in order to attain my ultimate potential

  • To help the needy in the quest for survival by encouraging them to utilize the available resources and exploit the minimal opportunities available

  • To refrain from competition and focus on my personal goals in accordance to my potential


Iam self-driven, agile, dynamic, honest, visionary and outgoing withacumen to work well and relate with people from all backgrounds.


YearInstitution Certificate

September2013-2015 Undergoing Undergraduate Studies at DalhousieUniversity In Halifax, Canada,

Workshopsand Seminars Attended

YoungEntrepreneurs’ Seminar, Toronto

CivilEngineers Forum

ChildrenRights open meetings

GlobalSummit of Entreprenuers


1Computer Skills

2Proposal Writing

3Communication Skills



Internshipat the Department of Civil Engineering.


  1. Technical Writing

  2. Data entry

  3. 2 Data Analysis

May2012 -January 2013 Volunteer As A Social Worker At the LocalChildren’s Department

1Counseling Street Children

2Data Collection and Record Keeping

3Repatriating the Street Children

6Motivational Talks

April2011 – August 2012.

  1. 2 Organizing and Conducting Seminars and Workshops.

  2. 3 Mobilizing The Community on the Implementation of Activities Such as Local Authority Services Delivery


AttendedSeveral Seminars on Child Rights, How to handle rebellious Childrenand Counseling.


Memberof Youth Consontriam




Spendingtime with Orphaned street children


DepartmentOf Civil Engineering