Acquiring a Health Information System


Acquiringa Health Information System

Thehigh priority area is the intensive care unit. Though theimplementation might be very expensive and complicated, whenimplemented, it is very effective. Two-way communications and two-waymethods are required to deliver real-time health. Equipments used arevery expensive since the video conferencing between the doctor andthe patient will require two-way communication that is video andaudio (Wager,Lee &amp Glaser, 2009).Tele-presence also serves as the form of real-time health, but itinvolves exorbitantly expensive equipments. Workflow redesign and ITplanning are other difficulties in implementing telemedicine in theICU.

Stepstowards System Acquisition and People

Establishmentof an active steering committee would be the forefront action towardsthe process of acquiring the telemedicine solution. The committeeshould major on planning, organizing, coordinating, and managing allthe process involved in the acquisition practice. The committeeshould consist of at least ten members, who are leaders in differentdepartments in the hospital(Wager, Lee &amp Glaser, 2009).They should have strong interpersonal communication skills, futuretelemedicine users and possess real ability to manage a project.

Theleader of the group should introduce the plan to the group, whichconsists of the scope and nature of the committees` activities. Withthe formulated goals guiding the committee`s activities, there shouldbe an identification of the resources required as well as recognizingthe company that is reputable in providing and installing theequipment. Before adjourning the meeting, it would be important toremind the committee about the limited number of certificationcommission of health informational and technology(Wager et al., 2009).

Themost crucial considerations to be addressed when implementing the ICUtelemedicine equipment is to ensure that from the initial stages ofimplementation, research and further studies should be done to ensurethe safety and effectiveness of the implementation. Reason being,whatever is done in a hospital set up, safety and wellness of thepatient should come first. In the planning process, I would includeall the stakeholders so as to get their views on the plan. Governancewill have a key role in the process since it will help in guiding theprocess and ensuring its successful implementation.


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