A living document Response


Aliving document


Excellentpoints on what a living document is and the key elements expectedwhen dealing with it. The article does teach on the requirements thatshould be put into consideration when associating with a livingdocument. From your points I did gain knowledge on how thisparticular document always changes and that it directly getassociated with the literature review (Ridley 2012). An individualgoing through this article will come into contact on the main agendaor motive of the living document which is to include any newinformation found on the topic being addressed.

Aliving document can also be said as being a written piece of documentthat includes work which consists of future edits(Dawidowicz 2010).From my understanding of your paper I got that this kind of documenthas the ability to evolve its content according to new informationbeing provided. In your explanation of what a living document is, youdid forget to give an example which includes constitution. Acountries constitution can perfectly fall into the living documentcategory for its always prawn to new changes that keep coming up.Just as its title as a living document, it by itself is living for italways changes according to new information.

Unlikeother documents, living documents are always open for anyrectification required and so I do agree with you that literaturereview is topic to change over and over again (Fare 2014). I finallygot the understanding that when dealing with a living document Ishould always be prepared and expect changes. A living documentbasically is a document that does not have one precise stand, it willalways be expected to shift that is if new information will beprovided.


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