A Critical Response

ACritical Response

ACritical Response

Myrnamade a critical observation of the similarities and as well as thedifferences between prerequisites listed under Ottawa Charter andMaslow’s hierarchy of needs. Although Ottawa charter does notindicate the priority that human beings attach to each need, Myrnamanaged to match most of the prerequisites to stage of Maslow’sframework of human needs.

Oneof the major strengths that can be observed from the discussion isthat Myrna managed to identify the major difference between Maslow’shierarchy and Ottawa chapter, which is the fact that the OttawaCharter assumes a holistic perspective when discussing human health,while Maslow believed that human needs are achieved in a progressiveway. This explains why Maslow held that one must fulfill needs at alower stage before fulfilling needs at a higher stage (WHO, 2015)compared to Ottawa Charter that is based on the notion that humanwell-being is attained when a multitude of prerequisites are met.

Inaddition, there is no direct correlation between the stage of esteemunder the Maslow’s framework and education, which is one of theprerequisites listed in Ottawa charter. However, Myrna made anintelligent observation to establish the correlation between the twofactors. Under the Maslow’s fourth stage of needs, people pursuedifferent professions with the objective of gaining recognition(Jerome, 2013). Education is among the key factors that guide peopletowards their respective professions, which means the prerequisite ofeducation listed in the Ottawa charter overlaps with the fourth stageof Maslow’s framework of human needs.

However,the prerequisite of education may also overlap with the fifth stageunder the Maslow’s framework. This is because the fifth stage isfounded on the assumption that people who are past the fourth stagedevelop the need to realize their full potential (Jerome, 2013).Therefore, it can be argued that people who are pursuing postgraduateeducation seek to realize their full potential in their respectivecareers.

Inconclusion, Myrna made an intelligent observation while comparingprerequisites listed in Ottawa charter and different stages ofMaslow’s framework of human needs. However, prerequisite ofeducation may overlap with the forth or the fifth stage under theMaslow’s framework.


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