29 November 29, 2015.

29November 29, 2015.



UnityHealth and Rehab Center.



Re:Application to Work as a Med/Surge Nurse in a Rehab Facility

Iam an experienced and compassionate nurse with over ten years in theindustry. I have worked in diverse environments in differentcapacities. I can work in both hospital and home care settingsbecause since I am skilled in providing geriatric care as well asrehab treatment. I learned from your recent New York Timesadvertisement that you are opening a new geriatric care center inMiami, Florida. I hold the Board Examination 6/2003 License, State ofFlorida accreditation that permits me to work in the capacity of anurse in the state.

Iam presently working in Unity Health and Rehab Center since November2015 until now. However, I have also accumulated additional skillswhile working on other facilities such as Palm Garden Health andRehab Center and Unity Health and Rehab Center. In the last twohealth care facilities, I was working in the capacity of an addictionnurse. I have also worked in a medical center where my primary dutieswere serving the aged.

Iam glad to inform you that I am a flexible, registered nurse as I canalso work in emergency departments. Between February 2014 and July2014, I was working as a private duty RN in Jacksonville. My primaryjobs were handling emergency patients, providing them with perceptionmedication and observing the changes that would help the doctormonitor the patient’s health status.

Ihave confidence the job suits me because I will bring to the tableover a decade experience in different health care environmentsranging from med/surge, geriatric, and emergency departments. Inaddition, I am also skilled in working in a drug rehabilitationcenter.

Also,I have the skills of a community healthcare. I will apply theknowledge I have acquired from the MSN and RN qualifications. I amconfident I can deliver first class services in the capacity ofmed/surge because I am presently working in a big hospital with sucha facility. I occasionally work in the department when a colleague isabsent, or the division has excess work to handle with the availablenurses. Moreover, serving patients is a call to me instead of acareer. Attached is my resume with all my accreditation, licenses andprevious professional work experience.

Pleaseuse the contacts listed in the resume to reach me when necessary. Iam looking forward to an interview invitation. Thank you in advance.